Free Internships!

What is your worth?

Are you interested in applying for an internship position?

Well, did you ever look at it from the organizations point of view?

If you were the company President  – would you want employees that you didn’t have to pay a salary?

I think that if you lack experience then an internship is a great way to gain inside knowledge about the field your planning to enter,

but if you have experience, then the internship process is “simply insulting”.

You spend money to travel and eat as well as your time to do work for an organization that is profiting from your efforts.

It seems like all job openings are for internship positions. Why not? If everyone is willing to work for free then why offer salaried positions?

Too much risk! Bad economy!

If you had an organization, wouldn’t it be great to have a 3 month rotation of Free new talent?

News about organizational income:

The debt crisis –oh no!

They talk about the economy going under and not enough money for jobs.

Here is the truth: Organizations are making giant profits because of technology and globalization.

Earnings are at an all time high!  They have plenty of money to staff more jobs but there is no incentive to hire.

Why?  We will work for free!


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