Behaviors of a Leader

Are you a leader or do you desire to be a leader?

What qualifies a leader?

Do you fit the mold?

These ideas below are modified from John C. Maxwell’s book, 21 Laws of Leadership.

Here is a list of behaviors that are most effective and reminiscent of a leader.

  1. Lead by example
  2. Provide a worthy vision that others will follow (imagination)
  3. Never accept defeat and do anything to avoid losing (other than cheating)
  4. Rise to the occasion during crisis
  5. Stay positive
  6. Strategically prioritize
  7. Have an instinct that predicts opportunity
  8. Sincere enthusiasm
  9. Proper etiquette
  10. Inspire others to realize their potential
  11. Charisma
  12. Constant development of professional & personal skills
  13. Ability to transfer knowledge
  14. Understand your limitations and the range of your potential
  15. Have an ability to influence others (A call to action)
  16. Understand the environmental, social, and cultural dynamics affecting your leadership direction
  17. Add value to those that follow you (enhance their standards of living)
  18. Keen ability to read people and situations
  19. Positive attitude and gain the attraction of other positive people

Finally, and most importantly:

  1. Must possess trust, integrity, respect for others, & consistency.

To be a leader – you don’t need to possess all of these traits but you must work toward each one to become the best leader.

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Make Money in the Market today for Tomorrow

Headline: Stock Market Sale! Stocks crash & burn!
Bad for those invested at the peaks but great for you if you’re looking to invest for retirement.
 What do you do? Why?
Buy companies with strong consistent earnings that have large dividends.
The FED said they will keep rates low and mortgage refinancing is at an all-time low.
Bonds are stuck providing a low percentage for a while according to the FED report.
 Do you have bonds?
Cash them out and buy stocks with large dividends for retirement.
 Value Key: Reinvest the dividend over time and the return will outperform the S&P 500.
Stock prices are based on earnings and the fluctuations are based on short term news that traders take advantage of to make large amounts of money in a short period of time.
This is not a retirement option.
 The good news for you
Great stocks are at a discount right now.
 But what if stocks continue to fall?
The stocks will lose value in the short term but when the bad news affecting stock price fades – stocks will return to their earnings price but the value here is in the dividend.
 What is a dividend?
 Short answer: A company pays a quarterly fee for you to own their stock. Anything over 4% provides downside protection for a stock which means the stock will not plummet because there will always be a buyer for the dividend.
 What is special about a dividend that protects the stock price of a company from falling?
 Short answer: The lower the stock price goes – The higher the dividend becomes,
(i.e. Stock $40, Div. 4% – stock falls to $30, div. 5%) = higher dividend larger cash return on stock.
 Tax tip: A dividend is a passive income and the IRS requires you to only pay 15% tax on earnings instead of 35% (nice deal) – if you own an organization then you only have to pay 15% on 20% of your earnings (sweet).

Short List of Recommended Dividend Stocks

 Johnson & Johnson
Kinder Morgan & Partners
And a few other high yielding stocks that can be researched at:
Good luck developing your wealth.
Feel free to leave questions and comments!

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