Bubbles within bubbles: Protection or Deceit

Ah, suburbia, stop signs, food stores, sunshine, family, safety, happiness!

I love it here as does everyone else who understands how lucky we are….

We need to take a moment from our busy lives for gratitude….

We are fortunate: Fortunate that we were lucky enough to find ourselves in these positions because we are truly the 1%ers.

In our bubble, we have the ability to receive education, quality food, significance at work & at home, opportunities to advance our abilities, and to express our strengths for the greater good.

We are not alone and there are many of us, however, not as many as we think….

The grass always seems greener on the other side because we are not playing on that grass, and we are looking through the lenses within our bubble.

We watch Jersey Shore and complain about mundane stuff, but most of our kind is struggling. They are struggling to survive, to have a voice, to eat, to have freedom of thought, and to simply, possess control over their entirety.

There are people exactly like you & I facing dramatically different situations, and would change positions instantly if given the opportunity. We are aware of this truth, but it is easier not to acknowledge the suffering of others because we perceive it as depressing… IT IS! Why should anyone suffer?

It makes us stronger?

Okay, true, but shouldn’t everyone have a chance to make it! To prosper & experience this good life!

That shunned, ignored underworld is not far away due to the shrinking of the world, and by not helping those in need could one day pop our bubble…

We sheltered ourselves by creating bubbles within more bubbles & we believe more bubbles will shield us from being in their position.

The only way not to face situations outside of our bubble is to eliminate all inhumane suffering.

Us 1%ers cannot do it alone, but the 99%ers need us to help!

Remember: We are only a bubble away from joining their harsh reality – Wouldn’t it be better to join them in a new bubble?

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Emotional Intelligence in a Nut-Shell

Meeting Cary Cherniss PhD, thought leader in emotional intelligence (EI) was an amazing experience.

I have done the EI research in the past, and his work consistently came up, and others in the field

referred to him as the one person who could analyze, and understand the dynamics surrounding the compete EI situation.

I would like to 50 that opinion because I witnessed his EI brilliance first hand during a
two day emotional intelligence seminar at Columbia University.

We understand that EI is composed of emotions and how we react, regulate, express, and understand ours and others emotions,

but usually, we get confused when understanding the what and how of measuring its effectiveness in life.

EI has been studied for a little over 20 years and there are conflicting opinions about its effectiveness because EI is an ability that can be developed.

Dr. Cherniss has found a common ground to understand the concept of EI simply and clearly.

The pure EI is composed of perceiving, using, understanding, and managing emotions which are possibly concrete abilities.

Then there are emotional and social competencies which consist of having a positive outlook, self control & awareness, being adaptive, having empathy, influence, conflict management abilities, teamwork and much more.

These two approaches to understanding EI are not statistically correlated.

These two models are both predictive of highly effective leaders & performers, but the emotional and social competencies model is more superior.

The beauty of EI is that it makes the individual make the most out of their IQ.

The best part about this finding is that emotional and social competencies can be enhanced through deliberate training which increases overall effectiveness.

So as Dr. Burke would say, “what did they do? – They created a workshop!”

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Reality vs. Fantasy – Are they the same?

Reality vs. Fantasy – Are they the same?

  • It is assumed that you know human history and understand the world around us today.

This writing is meant to boost your awareness and invoke you to think “outside the box”.

Warning – Statements below are, “outside the box”.

We, humankind have created our own reality – is it a reality?

We claim that: You could be anything you want to be…..

But the “anything” is all created by mankind…..

The President of the U.S.A. (created title)

To get us on the same page; here is a question:

Did the position of President of the United States exist 300 years ago? 500 years ago? 1000 years ago?

Did mankind exist? Yes (I answered for you)

Of course you could be the President, because we as humans created the concept, albeit through a lot of other mankind events and creations, but the position of President does exist today in our universally agreed upon reality.

You could never be a rock – that would be impossible… Why?

Mankind did not create rocks and rocks are not a concept, but rather, a physical reality.

Rocks already existed before us and will exist after us.

You could be a Teacher, a Soldier, a Politician, a Mom, Dad, Firefighter, News Reporter, Celebrity, Talk-Show Host, Doctor, Nurse, Entrepreneur, Intellect, Activist, and more – why?

Human kind has created these realities.

You could never be a piece of wood – nor would you ever strive to be a piece of wood, because it is impossible.

The fantasy that we created is our reality and we could be anything we want inside this dream, bubble, fantasy, reality, etc.

If we all mutually & universally agree to make a new position – then it exists!

Then, anyone can fill the role of this new existence.

This thought journey is going to get a little weird because the following statements are going to make you feel uncomfortable because they are introducing new thoughts that make you question your reality and cause cognitive dissonance.

Hang in there……

I propose, we universally agree on the role of The President of Mars, President of Venus, and President of all of the planets in our solar system.

From there we need Vice Presidents, Councils, Senates, and the list goes on and on.

The same way we created our current reality on Earth (of course our process took generations to formulate but so would the above).

I propose we all mutually agree to have a position of Ambassador of Water on Earth.

This person will oversee the policies of everything that has to do with water and will set the vision of how we will interact and govern our water.

The Water Ambassador will be elected by all people as well as his full council.

You are probably thinking: what is the purpose of this – this is crazy – has Keith lost it!

The purpose of this is for you, the reader, to start to think out of the box – the box we
created, and to take a birds-eye view of the world we live in from different perspectives.

Challenge your thinking – some people believe that they do not have control over their
life and that everything happens by the luck of the draw (external locus of control).

If you are determined and steadfast, then you could be anything you want to be (outside of being a rock) because we have created this existence.

I know your saying, but, I have to do certain things to reach that position – of course,
you have to work for it, but if you put in the correct, focused, purposeful work, I promise, you will reach your goals.

It is much easier “than perceived”, to be what we want in life, and it is certainly possible to accomplish your dreams.

Disclaimer: Of course, there is a process and there are certain tasks you need to accomplish – similar to Link in the Princess of Zelda.

Oh Keith, you really lost it!

Link goes through stages before he fights for the princess – he doesn’t wake up and fight for the princess.

We do have to work purposefully to reach our goals just like Link!

Mankind has been creating these hierarchies since before the Egyptians.

Over Five thousand (5,000) years of work to find a place where we belong in the world we call home
– our bubble – our niche – our section of the office – where we belong – live – and thrive.

What arena will you choose to make yours?

Advice: Think Big!

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Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?

Coaching is an experience!

The power of Coaching has been discovered in the
last few years and there has been an effort to increase the visibility of this
new phenomenon.

Professional Coaching is the next step in evolution
and the most successful people in our generation have discovered the power of

All U.S. Presidents receive coaching, Donald Trump,
most CEO’s of all fortune 100 companies, most television personalities, along
with most of the richest people living today.

Coaching is to the individual as is Consulting for
the Corporation.

Coaching is to overall development what Bill Gates was
to the Internet; What Freud was for Psychology, Trump for Real-Estate, and what
Apple is for technology.

Coaching is not a necessity like food & water,
but enhances client ability to experience faster and enhanced satisfaction in
personal & professional development.

Coaching has become main-stream and is not only for
the rich and powerful anymore.

Coaching is affordable and well worth the money
because the return on investment is substantial.

Coaching is the conduit for advancing overall
success. Coaching removes barriers, enhances self-esteem, provides positive
outcomes, and perspectives.

Is time, self-awareness, success, personal &
professional development important in your life?


Then Coaching is for you!

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Is Wall Street to Blame?

  • Is Wall Street to Blame?

Answer: Yes & No

Financial weapons of mass destruction – Warren Buffett

Financial economists in Ivy League schools created advanced mathematical
concepts to enhance the ability to make money – These enhancements were
implemented into the market and to their surprise – really worked! These
concepts created money out of thin air. Financial enhancements not only
supported Wall Street employees, but rather, the whole American public. The
problem was that it did not last forever. There was a critical flaw in the
financial theory. The theory found a crack in the financial system and
regulations that created wealth for everyone. The critical flaw was that the U.S.
system cannot be founded on falsehoods.

  • No?

Houses went up in price – credit was over extended – everyone got a pay raise – products became cheaper – we all were living the good life, but it was based on a false reality. It was based on ghost cash.

  • How did this happen?

The American Dollar is not based on gold, but rather, faith.
The faith that the invisible hand of the market will correct the value based on
supply and demand. When the market has a hiccup, the Federal Reserve pulls a few strings to correct the system.

  • Is this good or bad?

Short answer – It’s both!

I argue that by removing the Dollar from the Gold Standard and
transferring to the Market Standard, we now have the extensive technology that
is heavily enjoyed today. The wireless wi-fi Internet, Smart Phones, Apple
products, Digital cars, 3-D TVs, Amazon, Google, the works! By flooding the
system with fantasy cash enabled more progress because more projects were started
& completed, more people worked, and more innovation happened.

Market Standard = Enhanced innovation and product
development, more materialistic satisfaction, greater job growth, increased
pay, more opportunities, (i.e. The Rabbit)

Gold Standard = Slower growth with safe gains, average job
growth, average technology, (i.e. The Turtle)

What we don’t know, we don’t know.

  • Why not continue this Market Standard behavior?

The World outside of the U.S. supports our behavior, but their tolerance is running out.

Americans are the biggest consumers of the World – We buy products from everywhere, everyone, and we don’t discriminate when it comes to buying materials.

We want it all!

Famous quote: Bears make money, Bulls make money, and Pigs get slaughtered.

  • Why?

Greed and the fast paced lifestyle cannot be upheld over
long periods of time. Something has to give. The problem is the way of life
that we have come to love, and thoroughly enjoy, is coming to a fork in the
road. The financial enhancements have been recognized and the Madoffs of the world
have been mostly identified. The FED has interest rates at an all-time low, the
housing crisis still exist, unemployment is over 9%, under-employment is over
25% ( I made that up – It’s probably higher!), and the American people are
pissed off! The fantasy came to an end.

We know what we didn’t know, and we want it back – the fast life!

  • Why do we blame Wall Street?

Short answer: Wall Street is the symbol of financial wealth – it signifies financial power.

Wall Streeters are still living the good life, and average
people with basic mortgages, average jobs, and average lifestyles are the
people being affected by this situational whirlwind. Wall Street executives
make the most money – Why?

 People in finance get paid the most amounts of money – Law of Attraction!

The people with the most money and who have gained the most
from these situations want breaks and want bailouts from U.S. Governmental laws
and regulations.

  • What do people have to say about that?


Everyone should get the same break – not just Wall Street.
If not – People are ready to fight.

You could occupy a Country with an Army, and try to control them,
but that is nothing compared to controlling their currency – In effect, they are your slaves.

People have this saying: Money makes the world go round. I disagree but that is the common consensus.

Disclaimer: I love America and support the U.S. Government, but
the procedures, certain laws, & operations need to be geared at preventing
future problems. Not, focused on fixing past problems, and focused on
supporting the “privileged”. People are people and are all equal.

The words of Thomas Jefferson need to be implemented instead of finding ways to go around them.

Live by the sword – Die by the sword

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Updated American Leadership Paradox (submitted to ICF for newsletter)

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Leadership Dilemma: The American Leadership Paradox

As coaches, we aim to support the development of our clients to meet
strategic goals and to enhance overall quality of life.  Coaching and Leadership intersect – In the
organizational sense; Associates want value from their leaders, and desire to
develop a co-relationship focused on achieving success.  The current zeitgeist of Leadership is
trending towards acquiring specific skills that is possessed by the coaching
industry.  As potential change agents, coaches must ask powerful questions about the psychological dynamics of our society at large.

•Are we at war with ourselves?

•Why are large bureaucratic organizations slow to act?

•How do we understand the complexities of the struggle?

Society demands a powerful altruistic Leader that makes quick decisions that
benefit everyone while simultaneously providing security.  However, America is a nation of
individualists who strive to be the Leader, and are ashamed to be categorized
in the role of follower.  Simply, American culture frowns upon the follower and the omnipotent Leader is exaggeratedly admired.

•Who do you want to be?

The Leader of course! Well, the problem is that Leaders need followers.  If everyone is the Leader and no-one follows,
then there is a Leadership dilemma called The American Leadership Paradox.

1. Society wants community and togetherness, but explicitly yearns for a capitalist society with individualist freedom.

2. Society values family, but relishes in the rebel persona.

3. American culture is a paradox that attempts to indulge within both ends of the spectrum.

Leaders are unable to lead because society chooses to scoff at instead of follow.  Cognitive dissonance is displayed towards
Leaders, and society at large believes they are capable of producing better results.  Trust and integrity have been squandered by previous leaders which disables pre-determined respect for future Leaders.

The Nature/Nurture debate – Is it inborn or due to the situation?  Current research has determined the debate to be estimated at a 50/50 split.

If there are wonderful Leaders and the situation is not conducive to leading, then the
cold-hard truth is – Leaders will fail 50% of the time regardless of inborn or
learned ability. Current Leadership is failing at an astounding rate (over
70%). What constitutes leadership failure? Short answer: Not meeting goals.

•How do we survive in a Leaderless society if our models in family,
business, politics, education, and more, require a Leader who has power that is admired and followed?

•Can we all be leaders without followers or is there another solution?

Currently, the common consensus is that: our Leaders are unethical,
self-centered, and ruining our economy!  Americans,
don’t trust the government, don’t trust commercials, and in fact, place little
faith on anything.  Why?  Is it because Americans are horrible people, or
is it because our system is coming to a breaking point? I argue for the latter.

•Why do we tolerate unethical leadership?

•Why do some leaders act unethically?

Our individualist system funneled these leaders to the pinnacle because they
are the best players of the game our society has produced.  They are tolerated because, if they are great
Leaders, elitist, and are flawed, then the individual perception interprets an
ego-boost which sends the individual’s self-esteem sky rocketing.  The ego-imagination covets the positive regard
of a Leader, and an unethical Leader with praise is lesser qualified for the
role of Leader than the self.  The
American Leadership Paradox!

•How do we fix the Paradox?

Fixing or modifying any paradox is a mission within
a mission, which might never be accomplished, and is why venturing out
on this journey is more than challenging.  Albeit while complex, well worth the strategic
effort because Leadership is an integral part of a successful society.

Professional Leadership Coaching:

Enhancing self-awareness of cultural factors and aiding in understanding the
application of value-based Leadership. Utilizing expert coaching tools to raise
awareness and move Leaders through blinding dimensions.
As coaches, we could participate in curbing and overcoming the
deterioration of the aforementioned: American Leadership.  We cannot be concerned with the system and
concentration of choosing Leaders, but rather, concentrate on the coaching role
in development which is integral to Leadership success. This article challenges
all qualified coaches to understand the dynamics of Leadership and contribute
to supporting the evolution & success of the Leadership dimension.

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Prevention Parenting

Prevention Parenting

The most important aspect to being a great parent is practicing prevention.

I have five kids which gives me a valuable prospective on this issue.

Preventing problems is the #1 tool against dangerous life situations involving your kid/s.

Many parents are concerned with preventing kids from falling down stairs, being bullied at school, and crashing their 1st car, which is excellent, but not fully sufficient prevention.

Prevention begins before you think about conceiving.

Prevention starts right now.

Prevention Parenting is defined by parents proactively participating in a healthy lifestyle.

The next step of prevention begins in the womb.

Keys to Success:

Stay away from all chemicals that would harm a newborn.

Smoke (all kinds), sushi (metals), alcohol (goes without saying), fumes from automobiles,

any type of medication (Doctors say certain meds are safe, but are you willing to risk finding out differently a few years after your child is born?), and any other dangerous compound.

“Get sufficient sleep, stay in a positive state of mind (always), and read-read-read”.

These prevention scenarios, attitudes, and behaviors dramatically shape your child.

Do you want your child to be Healthy, Smart, Alert, and full of Joy?

The work is cut out for you to have a wonderful parenting career but it does require work.

Preparation and prevention before birth makes for a wonderful loving experience during life.

I promise that if you follow Prevention Parenting, the work you put in advance will pay dramatic dividends for your child’s health, intelligence, and overall quality of life.


your life will thrive because of the joy you will feel witnessing your child achieve greatness due to your diligent effort.

This positive feedback loop will provide you with pure happiness that will extend your life cycle and enhance your joy of living.

The best part: Parenting a healthy, intelligent, happy child is much easier than parenting an unhealthy, low on intelligence, unhappy child.

The information for success is here and the choice is yours to make.

The Million Dollar Coaching Company loves children and we hope that you make the right choice.

Thank you for reading this informational memo and we wish you unlimited joy.

Keith Lawrence Miller | The Elite Coach | The Million Dollar Coaching Company | www.EliteProCoach.com | (855) My-Pro-Coach

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