Perception of Power

Quick Basic Research Introduction:

The concept of power is backed in research by David McClelland:

  1. Need for Power
  2. Need for Affiliation
  3. Need for Achievement

French & Raven’s 5 Bases of Power:

  1. Referent Power: Charismatic Leadership
  2. Legitimate Power: Formal Positional Leadership
  3. Expert Power: Knowledge-Based Leadership
  4. Reward Power: Transactional Leadership
  5. Coercive Power: Authoritative Leadership

*People seek to avoid Punishment & Strive for Rewards

Four Stages of Power

  1. Deriving Power from Others (i.e. Parents)
  2. Independent Powerfulness (i.e. Excessive Showiness)
  3. Helping Others (i.e. Executive Coach)
  4. Deriving Power from Higher Authority (GOD)

Power Corrupts – This basic intro is presented to get us on the same page…

We all Need Power – A Universal Human Need – Why is Power so Attractive?

Do we lack the Power we Desire?

Lacking Power creates a Love of Rules to get Closer to Power

Is there such an item as Ultimate Power?

If you had Complete Power, Would you be Corrupt? (i.e. Saddam Hussein) Of Course you say, NO…

Is Not having Ultimate Power a Universal Law that Protects Humankind? (i.e. Law of Motion)

Is Power as Conceptual as Time? It exists whether we acknowledge it or not

What is the Perception of Power? Is it Objective or Subjective?

Is Power about Control or Giving-up Control? (i.e. Empowering Others)

How can You Maximize Possession of Power without Hurting Anyone? (i.e. Senate vs. President)

A very important question that is unanswered!!!

Who Controls the Perception of Power?

*Are we controlled by Institutional Power? (i.e. Parking Tickets, Taxes, etc…)

Is it Ethical? (Food for Thought)

Is the One who Controls the Perception of Power the Most Powerful?

Daily activities abide by rules governed by environment – Most are Man-Made to Control & Keep Order – Power Corrupts so it needs to be Monitored.

No one should have Ultimate Power because it will lead to destruction – Have you seen any movies lately?

Those who control the Perception of Power have the Ultimate Power over the Immediate Environment & the Human Need for this Power causes Institutional Struggles that have Reformulated Successful Societies over the Existence of Humankind – Have you read Machiavelli or 48 Laws of Power?

Fortunately, Ultimate Power does not exist – We all desire Power because it Creates a Sense of Self-Worth and a Sense of Control over the Environment. As Humans, we are Blessed with conscious awareness and the ability to Perceive the Complexities of Power. Power is unseen & formed in our Collective Unconscious. We are controlled by Power whether we like it or not.

Power is Elusive – Power Controls – Power Dictates

Maybe that is why we want it….

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Feelings vs. Emotions

Feelings vs. Emotions

Do you know the difference?

Which one is more important?

Emotions are impulsive and cause reactions to stimuli in a raw way.

Emotions are animalistic and controlled by the amygdala which is the oldest part of the human brain.

Animals act with this impulse – An example: Taking another’s food and eating because of hunger.

Feelings are not emotions!! Feelings cause regulation in emotional reactions.

Feelings are controlled by the prefrontal cortex – Example: Happiness.

Feelings separate humans from animals because it provides the ability to rationalize right from wrong on a philosophical scale.

When a kid takes another kid’s lunch, they might feel bad, and return the food instead of eating.

This is regulation through empathy and is the definition of being human.

Crimes are committed by individuals who cannot control their emotions by way of feelings.

The next time you feel impulsive over your emotions, pay attention to your feelings, because they are your safety net against doing wrong.

Did you ever wonder why you felt like you were being controlled by something more powerful than yourself?

Emotions are ancient, powerful, and embedded through evolution (survival instinct – flight or fight).

It takes concentration to overcome the forces exhibited by this core animalistic control-center (prefrontal cortex – delayed gratification).

The prefrontal cortex is associated with decision making, insight, judgment, and inhibitory control.

What can you do to protect yourself from the amygdala?

What can you do to prevent the amygdala from inhibiting you from a more enjoyable life?

Have you ever felt paralyzing fear? The Amygdala.

How did you overcome the powerful sensations caused at that moment?

Overcoming the amygdala’s force takes practice and confronting emotions on a regular basis does increase awareness and self-control over the self.

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Business Plan: Follower Development

Leaders need followers and developing an exceptional program for comfortable followership is important. Empowerment enables the follower to do their job more efficiently and implementing empowerment begins with creating more involvement, a fun environment, offer development programs for succession planning, provide information on how their input is making a positive difference for the organization, and autonomy which will provide enhanced overall commitment.

A training session for leaders with positional power aimed at informing them of proper procedures when dealing with followers such as being clear in communication, accepting honest feedback, not to kill the messenger who presents negative news, and to incorporate the art of enthusiasm. 67% of employee stress is attributed to the manager’s style & behaviors which is why most employee resignations are due to poor leader-member relations.

Followers want to be liked, rewarded, and aim to avoid punishment. Trust is an integral concept of being a leader and trust begets trust. Additionally, I would suggest a personal development program to enhance social-emotional skills of leaders in order to improve relationships with followers because a leader’s social skills ultimately affect the overall climate of the company, and impacts the clients who directly support the organizational operations. I would suggest implementing reward systems for leaders around their follower’s upward feedback and team accomplishments upon completion of the program.

  • The desired results would aid in loyalty, commitment, and enhance support of the organizations functions as well as displaying a distinct honest employee voice that benefits the company as a whole.

Mary Parker Follett was born three years after the conclusion of the U.S. Civil War and during a time where women didn’t have a voice she expressed a vast vision that has impacted the field of leadership. She introduced the concepts that define the situational context of leadership which consists of what is required at the moment. According to Warren Bennis, She called for a shift from a command & control style of leadership to a more empowered, democratic, and shared vision between leaders and followers. She expressed a need for leaders to exert expert power rather than the chosen method of the time of coercive power.

  • Additionally, she was the first to document the importance of the follower’s role for the leadership situation which was described as “Good Followership”.

Her greatest contribution stems from identifying the overarching fact that leadership is not inborn, but rather, a learned discipline. She described this dimension as an important facet for proper leadership because the individual who believed they could learn to be great leaders went on to become leaders in their own right, and those who believed that they were not born to be leaders remained in subordinate positions. She spoke about social interactions with people where she expressed the importance or knowing how and when to praise, how and when to point out mistakes, and what attitude to display towards failure.

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From War to OCCUPY and Beyond

From War to OCCUPY and Beyond

Gunshots, dehydration, fear, excitement, adrenaline rushes, death, surprise, teamwork, and a cause to fight behind.

This is the experience of American troops when overseas fighting in the war against Terrorism.

Then their tour of duty is over and they have to come back to the American bubble.

What do they do to reenact that addictive excitement?


This is exactly what they have been trained to do and a scary thought for the American Government.

A group of soldiers fighting to provide safety for people around the world looking for a worthy cause that supports the American people!!!

OCCUPY is getting bigger!

Why? What does it stand for? Who is the leader?

The profound consistent answer is that no one knows for sure…

  • There are multiple leaders and multiple issues that OCCUPY stands for…

It is a community effort that provides support to the 99%, provides opportunities for leadership, and provides an outlet where people from all walks of life can come together and unite.

OCCUPY is reminiscent of the Civil Rights movement and the more the American Government tries to suppress the movement – The stronger it will get!!!

And so…The Facebook Revolution continues…

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Process of Acknowledging Advertisements

Process of acknowledging advertisements

It takes 20 ad exposures before one will buy your product

Here are the steps:

  1. Looks at advertisement – Does not see it.
  2. Does not notice it.
  3. Conscious of existence.
  4. Faintly remembers having seen it before
  5. Reads it
  6. Turns up nose to it
  7. Reads it through and says “Oh brother”.
  8. Says, here is that confounded thing again!
  9. Wonders if it amounts to anything
  10. Asks neighbor their opinion
  11. Wonders how the advertiser makes it pay
  12. Thinks it must be good
  13. Says, perhaps it might be worth something
  14. Remembers wanting something for a while
  15. Tantalized because of the cost
  16. Thinks about buying it someday
  17. Makes a memo to self to buy
  18. Upset at not having enough money
  19. Counts money carefully
  20. Buys the offer

Process written by Thomas Smith in 1885

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From fired to empowerED

From fired to empowerED

Guess what your fired – Now what?

Has this happened to you or do you fear this happening to you one day?

Probably – Maybe we all do!

But, don’t fret because there is something wonderful about being fired….

Who else shared in this ultimate form of rejection?

Pat Mitchell – became CEO of PBS

Lou Holtz – Famed college football coach

Bernie Marcus – became the founder of Home Depot

Jesse Ventura – Became Governor of Minnesota

Tom Stemberg – Became the founder of Staples

Larry King – Became the host of Larry King Live on CNN

Michael Bloomberg – Billionaire

Lee Iacocca – Became the CEO of Chrysler and is considered one of the best transformational leaders of all time

Jamie Dimon – Now CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase

And, Many Many More…

Why were these people successful after they received the harsh feedback of “you’re fired”?

They looked in the mirror – self-reflected – realized they needed to improve – decided not to fail – focused with confidence – developed resilience – and overcame all obstacles.

They persevered because they envisioned winning and were willing to do what it took mentally, physically, and emotionally.

They found themselves after being fired!

Maybe being fired is not something to fear but maybe something to embrace.

Let the challenges begin – onto the road of empowerment.

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