Feelings vs. Emotions

Feelings vs. Emotions

Do you know the difference?

Which one is more important?

Emotions are impulsive and cause reactions to stimuli in a raw way.

Emotions are animalistic and controlled by the amygdala which is the oldest part of the human brain.

Animals act with this impulse – An example: Taking another’s food and eating because of hunger.

Feelings are not emotions!! Feelings cause regulation in emotional reactions.

Feelings are controlled by the prefrontal cortex – Example: Happiness.

Feelings separate humans from animals because it provides the ability to rationalize right from wrong on a philosophical scale.

When a kid takes another kid’s lunch, they might feel bad, and return the food instead of eating.

This is regulation through empathy and is the definition of being human.

Crimes are committed by individuals who cannot control their emotions by way of feelings.

The next time you feel impulsive over your emotions, pay attention to your feelings, because they are your safety net against doing wrong.

Did you ever wonder why you felt like you were being controlled by something more powerful than yourself?

Emotions are ancient, powerful, and embedded through evolution (survival instinct – flight or fight).

It takes concentration to overcome the forces exhibited by this core animalistic control-center (prefrontal cortex – delayed gratification).

The prefrontal cortex is associated with decision making, insight, judgment, and inhibitory control.

What can you do to protect yourself from the amygdala?

What can you do to prevent the amygdala from inhibiting you from a more enjoyable life?

Have you ever felt paralyzing fear? The Amygdala.

How did you overcome the powerful sensations caused at that moment?

Overcoming the amygdala’s force takes practice and confronting emotions on a regular basis does increase awareness and self-control over the self.

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  1. You distinguish emotions from feelings here. How then would you define motives?

    • MillionDollarBuzz

       /  November 11, 2011

      Thank you for your thought provoking question: Quickly without doing extra research – Emotions & Feelings both play a role in motives and moderating between the tug-of-war is an essential element of developing emotional intelligence with a combination of crystalized intelligence…


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