Comparative Advantage for Human Behavior

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Want added value in your life? Who doesn’t? Are you wealthy? Not enough.  We all share the same answers on these issues regardless of socio-economic status – Why? Because wealth is not only about producing more tangible goods and earning more profit.  Let me explain: I have a solution that will shock your system and motivate you to act on your potential after you finish reading this article.  These following statements apply to everyone because this is a universal economic principle that is always true, and it is my belief that this applies to human behavior as well.

What is Comparative Advantage?

Long story, but here is the short version: Two people (Jack & Jill) produce two types of tangible goods (rice & juice) at a high-level, but each person manufactures their specialty better than the other.  So, they each focus on their strength and produce only their specialty product at a high level.  The magic wealth builder is in the trade – They both become wealthier by trading, rather than, producing their own two tangible goods individually.  The same work input with more output – Comparative Advantage.

That is the economic perspective – Let’s look at the human behavior element – This is why were reading this anyway, right?  The current strengths-based movement is backed by decades of research and shows that a focus on a personal strength is more productive for the individual (King of Specialty), when compared to an individual focusing on balance (Jack of all trades).

Impact on Intellectual Wealth

Let’s take these two ideas a step further and combine these concepts (Comparative Advantage & Strengths-Based Leadership) – Now we have two individuals (Jack & Jill) working solely on their strongest intellectual strength which as an example could be writing and marketing, respectively. Both individuals (Jack & Jill) should not dually focus on their writing and marketing separately from one another since this would essentially slow both processes down because of the existing compared inefficiency in one of the areas. The solution to the human behavior development of wealth is in the trade of intellectual property.  The key to intellectual wealth in this example lies in their ability to share the overall task by concentrating on their existing strength and then combining their abilities to produce extraordinary work.  One person (Jack) writes a perfect book and the other person (Jill), markets the intellectual property – They then both become millionaires, and get to live happily ever after.

Comparative Advantage and Teams

This synergy of strengths exists today in teams, but are weakly developed (i.e. Selection & Development problem), which produces lackluster results (at best).  An accurate evaluation of strengths and abilities needs to be implemented before developing groups of teams to complete projects.  This pre-planning stage will increase the work output of the team, provide happiness and fulfillment to each individual involved, and make the leader look like a genius.  How about that for a happy organizational ending?

Impact on the Knowledge Economy

We are in the knowledge economy and these types of laws and devices (comparative advantage for human behavior and strengths-based leadership) that leverage human intelligence is optimal for improving the standard of living around the world.  We all know the hierarchical pyramid exists, but each individual is special, and has abilities that can contribute at large.  The key to success is to identify and exploit the existing strength for the individual’s enhancement and for additional contribution to society at large.  These discoveries, though difficult to achieve, will serve humanity in dividends for generations to come.  We have 7 billion people but still cannot re-create what the Egyptians did five thousand years ago – I was thoroughly surprised when I heard that true statement.  There are ways to measure your innate strength and to understand what you do effortlessly.  Discover, apply, and trade with a friend for greater wealth – Leverage your strengths.  Obviously, this is what I do so if you would like to learn more – visit:

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Working With a Career Coach – What Every Job Seeker Must Know

In today's tough economy, every job seeker needs assistance in landing his next employment opportunity in the most efficient and expedient means possible. The services of a career coach are targeted for individuals who are unemployed or in a dead-end job or are attempting to move up the ladder or re-enter the work force.


Career coaching as we know it today, developed its roots from corporate coaching of the 1980's. At that time, large corporations saw their top performers experience professional growth and increased performance through the assignment of a life coach. This process benefited key executives across all levels of the organization. Since this time, Career Coaching has evolved to a service that is available to job seekers everywhere.

Working With a Career Coach

Any candidate who is contemplating a business relationship with a Career Coach should first be aware of how the process works. It is important to connect with a Coach who will best meet the job seekers needs. Initially, expect to have either a face-to-face or telephone consultation, to determine both short and long term employment goals. This is a critical appointment that provides the Career Coach with the background information necessary to assist their client. The Career Coach provides information about the candidate's chosen career path, salary expectations, current trends in the industry, and provides advice on prospective target employers who hire for the candidate's chosen position.

Services Provided

A Career Coach's role is to train the job seeker to out-perform their competition in the job market. They routinely provide services such as career exploration, interview success coaching, setting up a strategic career plan, salary negotiations assistance, as well as advice in the initial career planning process. When a job seeker requires assistance in revising their resume, or additional career services, the Career Coach has connections in the industry they readily recommend. The average cost to work with a coach is between $75.00-$250.00 per hour.


While the cost of hiring a Career Coach may seem like an unnecessary expense when unemployed or re-entering the workforce, the benefits of the relationship can be the difference between landing a position, or remaining on the unemployment line. The coach spends time preparing the candidate for interviews and meetings with prospective employers, and literally guides the job seeker toward success in the hiring process. Individuals who work with a Career Coach are far more likely to get in the door of their target employer, and out-perform their peers in the job market.

What to Look For

Before shopping for a Career Coach, it is critical to know how to identify a professional who delivers results. Look at the coach's work experience, ask about their professional affiliations, determine their reputation in the industry, and ask for references before moving forward with any one coach. Always know the Career Coach's fees in advance, and ask about any guarantees offered. Above all, speak with the coach before making a final decision, to see if this is a person you will enjoy working with.

Christina Archer is the owner of I-CareerSearch, helping candidates land their next job faster and more efficiently. An entrepreneur and author of the new book, Landing Your Dream Job In Any Economy, currently available at, Christina has provided a roadmap to enable job seekers to differentiate themselves from their competition within the job market.

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