New Leader – Team Communication Error: Problems and Solutions

Great individual performers who are promoted to leadership positions are used to producing superior results which are the reason for their promotion. These standout performers have customized frameworks set in place that guide their performance.  Their frameworks have taken years of development and their work experience and education has created a blueprint for success. As a new organizational leader, these company superstars’ job roles have changed. Now they need to rely on the work ethic of others to complete tasks and projects. They assume their job is to motivate a similar work production from their team members and this assumed inherent belief causes conflict.

The newly appointed leader tries to impose their work style on their team members because they have learned the most effective way for project success within the organization. A team member wants to use this information to leverage their ability to complete projects out of respect for their team leader and organization, but specific work styles are not always for everyone. The company as a whole wants prototypes of their new leader because of the superior gains realized through their company superstar’s individual performance. Everyone involved wants to meet this goal, but the internal structure cannot support the mission. Solutions are needed to avoid a domino effect of failure before it is too late.

Imposing the leader’s work style on team members has a way of backfiring, and causing internal conflict because people have different abilities and styles that are sometimes inflexible. This misalignment causes frustration, friction, and a lack of effective communication for everyone involved. Ultimately, the project suffers, employee’s turnoff, and the company superstar is now seen as an incompetent leader.

Leadership coaching removes the situational dilemma associated with leadership promotion by providing a framework for understanding different work styles and mediates the communication to improve the overall message. Usually, a new leader’s message gets lost in translation because of the emotional elements involved in these novel situations such as the transition to having enlarged responsibilities while at the same time having less control. The new leader has to understand the new territory of leadership and how to effectively navigate the controls by influencing team members to execute their style effectively to complete the project with excellence and on time. Leaders hold accountability, create a vision, communicate the mission, and inspire their team members to contribute their best. Leadership coaching provides the support system needed for new leaders to steer their team to success and create greater gains for their organizations sustainability. As you can see, the return on investment for leadership coaching is impressive when understood in the correct context.

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Outsourcing Power and what it means to you

Globalization is here. Large organizations outsource work for cheaper production. Produced quality is similar when compared to higher priced competitors regarding a large variety of projects. Outsourcing has enabled more choices and flexibility for awarding work.  Outsourcing has improved our choices and fueled worldwide competition. The ability to outsource has saved valuable time, stress, and finances that have enabled greater overall production.

Outsourcing has removed the entitlement behavior that dominated the workplace for decades which promoted slow to average growth. The adaptation to outsourcing has improved workplace productivity and created a fiercely competitive environment that produces record-breaking results.

Outsourcing work is not only for organizations, but rather, anyone can leverage the evolution of globalization to improve their individual productivity and overall lifestyle. Outsourcing can add years to your life by removing stress producing projects from your to-do list and which creates valuable free time that enables an alignment between activities and passions.

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