Why Goodwill is Priceless

Goodwill is derived from an accumulation of respect and the compounding effect can inadvertently change the world. Creating awareness within communities about having an abundant possession of goodwill promotes additional goodwill through the phenomenon of social proof, and an inherent human need to join a movement.  Goodwill promotes added commitment and can catapult an average leader into the ranks of the immortals.

Ten ways to acquire goodwill:

  1. Refrain from expressing a self-serving attitude
  2. Don’t be afraid to show others your human side
  3. Remove de-motivators from others perceptions
  4. Become an advocate for others desires
  5. Demonstrate daily adherence to your organization
  6. Become a role model for others
  7. Support charities
  8. Enable others to become difference makers
  9. Become a symbol of integrity by walking the talk
  10. Provide opportunities for development

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Client-Centered Leadership

Rule #1 for successful client-centered leadership is to identify who are the clients. The common assumption is that business clients are customers, but the concept of client includes: vendors, employees, customers, board members, partnerships, media, and family. Satisfying everyone is an honorable achievement to strive for, but is usually impossible to sustain over time.

There has to be a framework for understanding the wants and needs of each client group in order to effectively promote successful business. Failing to support a link in the system could cause either temporary dysfunction or long-term damage that creates a tipping point of failure. Understanding the connections between clients and the impact they have on each other is essential to attending to needs.

Accomplishing a strong system of client-centered leadership will promote a cult-like following and commitment from clients. The system will advance to become self-sustaining for periods of time. The client-centered leader will need to attend to any needs in order to maintain system development.

The client-centered leader understands what is happening in the day-to-day interaction between client and business. The operation has to provide a win-win situation for both client and business in order to promote positive momentum for the system. Leadership is the core support for system development and leadership competence directly affects the organization ability to succeed. The increased responsibility is why industry leaders are rewarded with lofty compensation and their impact justifies the business allocation.

Executive Coaching directly impacts the ability to promote client-centered leadership by creating a customized framework around the individual leader’s traits and how they interact with the organization. Identifying solutions that target the discovered gaps with client disconnect and enabling the leader to address the immediate concerns to improve business processes.

"WeI’m Keith Lawrence Miller and I approve this message.   We provide Certified Professional Action-based Executive Coaching and Consultation services to Maximize Leadership abilities through Innovative Communication, Goal Setting, and behavioral change. Providing customized solutions everyday.

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