Leader Dilemma: Follower Fear and Future Uncertainty

People have needs. Needs are central to life. Unfulfilled needs create motivation and people are willing to do anything if their needs become extreme. What would you be willing to do for food or water if you were trapped in the desert? I bet you can’t imagine what you would truly do because it’s too scary.

We live in times of fear and uncertainty. Do all current situations create uncertainty? Were times uncertain 20 years ago? 50 years ago? 200 years ago? Humans are incapable of predicting the future. Did you know where you would be today – five (5) years ago? Think about it. How different was your prediction and your reality? You’re not alone.

Predicting tomorrow is a blind role of the dice at best, and the variables that are within our control are mostly ignored or treated with negligence. Unfortunately, our humanness directs us to make poor choices that change our future trajectory. We have two choices: either take responsibility for impulsive choices or blame others for the position we find ourselves in. The latter is the broadcasted voice because those voices are louder than ours. We choose to take responsibility because that is the only way forward.

People complain… A lot. “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.” In other words, people learn that if they complain, they will get a reward in exchange for their silence. People learn that complaining is a way to get others to provide for their needs. This creates a culture of negativity and entitlement. This slippery slope needs to be identified and handled properly before a point of no return is created. Can we trust the invisible hand concerning these devices? Laissez-faire leadership will not suffice and real changes need to be made to appease the public appeal. The million dollar questions are, what and how?

Why are the rich given all the benefits? Why should they have the finer things in life? We all believe that we should be rich and indulge in finer things. Well, all of us do deserve it. People should have the right to enjoy the utmost satisfaction available. The consequential catch is, we have to earn satisfaction or it has to be earned for us. Either we receive satisfaction as a gift or we have to use our unique human ability to think out solutions that create satisfaction.

Anyone could be within the 15% tax bracket if they really wanted it – All though it is easier for some than for others. There are more millionaires today than ever before. Some take action and some don’t. Some choose instant gratification and some delay. Choices have consequences and not everyone makes choices that support the long-term perspective. We should take responsibility, face reality, and take proper action (not everyone does). Those who don’t choose wisely, complain about what they don’t have, and what others have.

I have seen both sides of the financial equation and understand the struggle to escape the rat race… it can be done. People come from other countries, don’t know the language, postpone gratification, work hard, and become wealthy. Others are born wealthy. Regardless, in America, the opportunity exists. Success requires a relentless pursuit of knowledge, personal and professional development, and a positive mental attitude that develops solutions that impact long-term development.

It is human to fear the unknown and tomorrow is a statistical uncertainty. However, there is a solution. We control what happens tomorrow, with the choices we make today. Nevertheless, we do not control other’s actions. The existing culture and reward system dictate mass behavior and we look to our leaders for guidance. We look to our system for protection and security. We want to believe in our leaders and have faith that the greater good is their main objective and focus.

Our leaders are our representatives and need to conduct themselves with honor and dignity. America has a trust issue. Trust promotes development and lack of trust promotes a decline. We need our leaders to end the trail of deceit left by corrupt individuals who chose immediate gratification and damaged all preceding interconnected relationships.

Distancing the dishonorable actions of past leaders is the appropriate step in regaining public trust and overcoming uncertainty. Public leaders take on a greater responsibility and have more weight to bear because they’re a symbol of our self-identification. Unfortunately, public leaders will always be scrutinized regardless of genuine self-less leadership and need to be aware of the repercussions before accepting these incredibly stressful and fulfilling positions.

These valuable few leaders are not concerned with immediate gratification. Rather, their legends live on and their service to humanity is forever enshrined in stories told to future generations.

My writings are intended to raise awareness and enhance the lives we live. Half my life has been spent learning these insights and sharing is an attempt to improve and touch your life, the lives of others you touch, and on.


I’m Keith Lawrence Miller and I approve this message.

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