About Million Dollar Coaching Co.

Million Dollar Enterprises, LLC |  The Million Dollar Coaching Company
About The Million Dollar Coaching Company

We provide Certified Professional Action-based Leadership Development, Executive Coaching Solutions, and Consultation services to Maximize Leadership abilities through Innovative Communication, Goal Setting, and behavioral change. We provide customized solutions every day.

Visit: http://EliteProCoach.com for more information concerning our 30 minute coaching consultation for identifying coach/client fit followed by a no-commitment week-long trial coaching engagement followed by a satisfaction guarantee of “We don’t get paid unless you get results” – Our engagement lasts 6-12 months for select clients and we charge a 10% fee based on our client’s one year employment salary.

Our coaching services are confidential, non-judgmental, goal focused; action-oriented, solutions focused, and intended to increase knowledge, skills, competencies, and behaviors of the client on a fast track.

Confidentiality & Professionalism paired with value-based Leadership combine to create the foundation for The Million Dollar Coaching Company.  We are a client-centered service company that is dedicated to providing Million Dollar premium value & service for each client to reach their highest potential by clearly analyzing individual needs, clarifying situations, enhancing communications, & implementing action steps based on individualized performance goals. 

Client success is the focus and an echo of the impact of Million Dollar Coaching.
Our brand promises transparency, guarantees quality service backed by intellectual competence, and is driven to develop positive change in society starting with one client at a time. The Million Dollar Coaching Company is managed by Million Dollar Enterprises, LLC and is fully licensed to provide service to clients seeking specialized Coaching, Consulting, & Training. We are a fully accredited operational Organization that operates out of New York and provides service to all 50 States in the US as well as full-service to all interested citizens & companies from other countries.

We value the success of our clients and advocate for optimum achievement by providing Million Dollar service & value. Our aim is to enhance the performance of our clients to reach their optimum potential while enjoying every minute that life has to offer. Every problem has a solution and we will work closely with you to uncover the answer.
Our organization is not only about providing a support system for you to gain wealth but more importantly, we are about treating you what your worth by providing Million Dollar Service which will make you feel priceless.

Keith Lawrence Miller

President of Million Dollar Coaching Company  | Author of Leadership Coaching Blog

Keith Lawrence Miller is a thought leader with a contagious motivational drive – Coaching has been a natural fit for Keith – Coaching is his way of life and pairing his innate ability with the business world is what fuels his passion. He possesses the ability to support highly motivated Leaders to construct realistic strategy, achieve S.M.A.R.T. goals, and positively influence those around him to raise their achievement level. His adaptability is uncanny – He intelligently understands new situations, others’ perspectives, and has the rare ability to see connections where most are unable. Not all coaching is created equally and coaching is not a discipline for fitting anyone into the role – It takes a special type of person to effectively coach others and Keith proves he is one of the best during each and every action-based solutions focused coaching engagement.

Professional Background

Keith has over 10 years of combined Business Experience in:

 Coaching – Sales – Marketing – Negotiating – Management – Investing – Analytical Research  – Independent Contractor – Politics

• Helping clients meet their leadership goals, increase their financial value, manage their business investments, identify their individual strengths and weaknesses, leverage the 80/20 rule for faster success, and overcome self-created barriers daily.

• Creates customized Leadership Solutions for enhanced ROI, Organizational Development, Career Advancement, and Leadership Aptitude

• Currently holds a 2-year term on the Columbia University Senate

• Successfully creating positive change for clients worldwide & effectively analyzing business solutions for optimum success

• Mentored several high-energy individuals to success & posses a strong network of influential people

• Conducted Federal investigations and negotiations for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – a non-profit

• Successfully co-managed a Tri-State service operation that required hiring decisions, succession development, business planning, project management, & financial operations

• Strategically supported & guided enhancement of client personal & professional abilities for optimum potential

Educational Background

Keith is multi-talented and highly educated professional coach with a pedigree from Columbia University. His credentials and achievements are as follows:

ICF Certified and Associate Credentialed Professional Coach (The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the Leading Coaching Organization WorldWide)

Organizational Psychology & Behavior with a focus on Leadership, Change, and Consultation in Organizations at the Masters level at Columbia University

Certified in Collective Intelligence in Organizations from Columbia University (Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence)

B.A. in Psychology Cum Laude, Honors in Major

Certified Expert in Micro-Facial Recognition by Dr. Paul Ekman

Research: Based in Professional Coaching with an emphasis on Emotional, Social, & Cultural Intelligence, Leadership, Human Performance, And Personal Development


Psi-Chi, Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), International Coach Federation (ICF), International Coach Academy (ICA), Columbia University Senate, Toastmasters International, Organization and Human Development Consulting Club (OHDCC), Columbia Graduate Consulting Club, Columbia University Career Coaching Network, Columbia Club

E-mail Support@EliteProCoach.com – We will discuss issues around Confidentiality, Trust, Commitment, Target Issues, Goals & Action Steps moving forward, and how to get started in Coaching – If it is right for you.

Keith Lawrence Miller | (855) My-Pro-Coach [855-697-7626] | Skype (718) 717-2820 | Keith@EliteProCoach.com | http//www.EliteProCoach.com

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