Powerful Influence of Positive Words

Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me – Wrong!

Yeah sticks and stones break bones but words can definitely hurt.

Perception is the key, and our bodies react to positive and negative words – seriously!

Our body is made up of between 55% and 78% water.

Dr. Masuru Emoto conducted a scientific study which showed that negative words disfigured the structure of water molecules, and positive words transformed water molecules into beautiful shapes (i.e. snow crystals).

Words affect our behavior and we have control over the words that we use and allow into our lives – we have the ability to shape our environment and ultimately we have control over how we want our bodies to feel.

Bottom Line

Increase your body’s positive interaction with your environment by putting more positive words around you – this will transform 55-78% of your body into beautiful molecules which will positively affect your overall mood.

What are a few positive words that make you feel great?

Try it – it works!

End Bullying!!

End Bullying!!

When is the system going to implement a zero-tolerance rule against bullying?

What is it going to take for the system to understand the importance of fighting the bullying phenomenon?

How many more kids have to die before drastic measures have to be taken?

It all starts and ends with the system and our leaders need to take action to end the misery experienced by victims of bullying.

Why is bullying allowed to persist and why is it overlooked by school administrations?

Not enough is being done and the little that is being put together is not enough.

Real change needs to happen in the school culture in order to keep our kids safe.

A girl throws herself in front of a NYC Bus to end her misery two days after Christmas because she can’t take the torture of being bullied anymore and there was no one there to help her.

Everyone knew of her situation including the school and no one could help her – Kid bullies are ruthless because it provides them a sense of power.

The system needs to take the power out of young kid’s hands by removing the ability to bully others so innocent kids don’t have to die.

Bullying is a vicious cycle that damages good kids and destroys the integrity of the educational system.

Suicide becomes an epidemic that is contagious and more kids are opting for suicide.

People ignore bullying until it affects their neighborhood or their own family!!

How could you help prevent bullying before it affects you?

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