Leadership on U.S. Health and asking “HOW” for Long-Term Success

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The current health system is broken. Corruption, theft, and incompetence are a few of the problems. Health is the basic essential to living a satisfied life and everything else is extra. Everyone needs to take responsibility and end the blame game. Requiring everyone to have health insurance is not an “I” decision – it’s a “WE” decision and a brave first step in making proper changes.

We could probably agree that it’s not a perfect solution, and there will be growing pains. But, isn’t it about the greater good or is it about “I”? Was there a better proposed solution? “We need solutions not critics”. We need to have a “long” time perspective to succeed.

“United we Stand, Divided we fall” –- “Divide and Conquer”

These are famous sayings because they are TRUE. Democracy is a unique experiment that was invented by our great leaders of the past. It was our forefather’s vision that provides our current security and it is our responsibility to pay that “VISION” forward.

Leadership is about having a concept about the future. Long time-orientation provides greater wealth and achievement. Having a long-term plan is a mandatory action for success. Great organizations survive storms with great leadership, and great leadership is about forecasting future events that could compromise continuous development.

Short-sighted thinking is a sure way to achieve failure. A narrow focus on yesterday and today will lead to a less than desirable tomorrow. The future is a leader’s greatest concern.

Accomplishment is possible regardless of where you begin as long as you can set a realistic path to achieve your goals. The only limitation is the one we allow ourselves to believe.

Asking “HOW” is the critical question that creates possibilities and solutions. “HOW” creates strategies and innovation. “HOW” makes all things possible. HOW can you be the leader of yourself and HOW can you inspire others to LEAD.

Leadership is “Living your Life to the Fullest”. Fulfill your GOD-given potential: LEAD with LOVE, Ask “HOW” to create solutions, Lead with a better Vision of the future, BELIEVE that you can do anything that you focus on doing, and support the continued momentum that makes our civilization great.


I’m Keith Lawrence Miller and I approve this message.   We provide Certified Professional Action-based Leadership Development, Executive Coaching Solutions and Consultation services to Maximize Leadership abilities through Innovative Communication, Goal Setting, and behavioral change. Providing customized solutions everyday.

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Servant-Based Leadership: A Father’s Day Special

On Father’s Day, as a father of five, I am proud to experience all the wonderful moments associated with my role.
My kids take pride in doing the right things for themselves and watching how proud I am of their achievements. As a father, I am a servant leader. I meet my kid’s needs in every way and they repay my efforts with being the best they could be in most situations. They live to make me proud because they know how much I do to make sure they are safe and happy. They appreciate my efforts and are grateful for the life my wife and I provide for them.

Whenever they need me – I am there.

I focus on delivering a focused education in all phases of their life and they are my top priority. Their success is my success and I will stop at nothing to see them all achieve their desired happiness. Our communication is open and honest. I do my best to let them know as much as possible concerning what is happening day-to-day. They know how I feel about them and they know what is expected of them: behave and do well in school.

My kids wake up to read, hold mock classes at home, and are rewarded by being acknowledged as the best behaved kids in their school. People are shocked when they learn that my wife and I have five kids because we are stress-free and look really young for our ages. Our kids are so well-behaved that we could go anywhere and not worry. The key is clear communications, boundaries, expectations, interaction, and servitude, not spoiling, and showing love.

Servant leadership gains followership that strives for achievement because they know their leader is all-in for them. The support system empowers them to achieve at their highest level. The give and take philosophy is a two-way road and through reciprocity, everyone receives rewards and all needs are universally met.

On father’s day, I celebrate my family because they make me the dad I am today.
I wish all the great DADs who lead their families and make this world a special place, Happy Father’s Day.


We all have the power of choice. Choice is an essential gift. We all make impulsive choices based on emotions paired with poor judgment. The choices we made yesterday have led to our present situation. We cannot go back in time and change what we did or how we did it.

We cannot dwell on something that cannot be changed. We need to focus on our choices today and how they will impact tomorrow.

We need to build positive momentum moving forward. Regardless if the economy is holding you down or your friends betrayed your trust. We could blame anything and everything for our situation, but that won’t help us move forward with positive momentum. We need to cut the dead weight of blame, collect the essential pieces that are left with us today, and start making choices that will make tomorrow a better place.

What one thing could you do that will create something positive for you tomorrow?

What do you want to happen in your future?

I heard a story about: scared money doesn’t win and it reminded me of brilliant people who preach – Give Back, Pay it Forward, What goes around comes around, Reciprocity, Karma.


Do favors for others that could do favors for you. When they say thank you, don’t say, “Don’t worry about it” or “No problem, anytime” [You’re discounting your favor].

You should instead say, “You would do the same for me”.

Try switching your language and watch the response. People have an inner need to repay favors because it makes us feel good. We want an opportunity to help back. Allow the people you take care of to take care of you too. Give and ye shall receive.

It’s human nature.

  I’m Keith Lawrence Miller and I approve this message.   We provide Certified Professional Action-based Coaching and Consultation services to Maximize Opportunity through Innovative Communication and Goal Setting by using Strategy in Executive Leadership coaching, Business Coaching, Career Coaching, and Life Coaching. Optimize your Strengths and Achieve Success in Less Time with a clear-minded motivated Focus – Visit: http://EliteProCoach.com for more information…

Powerful Influence of Positive Words

Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me – Wrong!

Yeah sticks and stones break bones but words can definitely hurt.

Perception is the key, and our bodies react to positive and negative words – seriously!

Our body is made up of between 55% and 78% water.

Dr. Masuru Emoto conducted a scientific study which showed that negative words disfigured the structure of water molecules, and positive words transformed water molecules into beautiful shapes (i.e. snow crystals).

Words affect our behavior and we have control over the words that we use and allow into our lives – we have the ability to shape our environment and ultimately we have control over how we want our bodies to feel.

Bottom Line

Increase your body’s positive interaction with your environment by putting more positive words around you – this will transform 55-78% of your body into beautiful molecules which will positively affect your overall mood.

What are a few positive words that make you feel great?

Try it – it works!

Why is Autism on the Rise?

Autism affects the most innocent among us and autism experts who research this topic of concern are still “puzzled” as to why this is occurring at a higher frequency over the years.  We know that pharmaceutical companies put pressure on researchers to produce data that is aligned with the benefits of new medicine in order for billions in gain. Utilitarianism is an applied phrase that means to help the greater good. The brain has yet to be completely mapped and there are unknown processes that may unlock the answer as to why autism is hurting our children. Our society produces new drugs to fight new problems and we have become a culture of pill poppers. There seems to be a mutation that causes the effects of autism but isn’t this the case with most new phenomenon that we cannot fully explain. The evidence is inconclusive and my heart breaks for the affected children that want to have a normal average life but are sentenced to life with autism.

Polio was once the culprit and discoveries aided our adaptive ability – the case of autism is a growing concern that has the public involved – big business listens when we all speak together and we are hopeful that there will be a conclusive answer to this demoralizing problem soon.  Autism affects us all.

You could donate for continued research to fight the growing problem of autism. The scariest concern is that autism can happen to any family and nobody knows why which is why this cause is so important – below is a link to get involved right now:


Leadership is about identifying problems, setting goals, and overcoming obstacles – this is a problem we all face.

Sharing my diet secrets

During the decade of my 20s, the mission was to find the natural way to the best body and have a better body than everyone that took the cheaters route.  It took years of trial and error beginning at the age of 13 but I have a secret formula for fitness success that takes mental will-power to apply.  The world’s greatest athletes will tell you that the game is 90% mental and I can attest that creating a perfect natural body is more of a mental game than it is a physical game.  The body will feel the resistance, but the mind has the choice to give in to temptation or to overcome the obstacle.  Controlling the inner voice is more important than we believe.

Below is the golden diet plan that I created over years of experimentation and as you can see it works.

The results in the above picture included 3 hours of exercise per day, 6-7 days a week on a regular basis, but I cut down from 215 pounds to 167 pounds and maintained that condition for several years with the diet below.  It does get easier as the weeks turn into months and it actually becomes enjoyably addictive.


The Goal: 1500 calories per day

This includes low carb bread (wonder light wheat 35 calories), smart balance organic butter, low-fat mayo, peanut butter (Skippy all natural), organic milk, Gatorade, cereal, cheese, and all the good stuff you could fit in under 1500 calories.

Plus: you could eat as much as you want of: Chicken, Steak, Beef, Seafood, Greens, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, low carb protein shakes, crystal light, no sugar low-calorie juice, clean cold cuts

No sugar, no soda, no pizza, no white bread, no cake, no cookies, no chocolate (except an occasional piece of dark chocolate), no beer, no foods excessively high in salts (i.e. processed soups)

Occasional exceptions: lightly salted chips, dark chocolate

Recommended fast food: Wendy’s chili, any salads without dressing, KFC grilled Chicken, bacon and eggs

The goal is to follow the above strict for 7 days straight and sometimes a little longer in the beginning to get a stronger effect

The body goes into ketosis and eats its own fat as a fuel supply – eating olive oil protects the muscles from being burned.

After this time period: eat the carbs you were craving but stay away from the heavy stuff like pizza – have some rice or subway

Spread the eating out throughout the day so you have a full stomach and to replenish your energy storage – eat before bed too

Supplements: Resvertrol, multi-vitamin, b-complex 100, omega oils, anti-cortisol, legal over the counter testosterone boosters (for males), Isopure (low carb) protein or similar brand, maybe NO2 Black or something similar to boost energy

I transferred my attention to building my mind, my family, and being Super Dad 2.0 – well worth the switch, but I will be taking the above adventure again – hopefully we could check in with each other in a year’s time and compare results.

Looking forward to hearing about your success.

Your Friend,

Keith Miller


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