Identifying Visionary Leadership on the 4th of July

The 4th of July, a day in history that presented the U.S. Declaration of Independence and changed the face of the world forever. The magnanimous courage expressed by the founding fathers was simply extraordinary. Opposed by a superior force and committed to an “all or nothing” strategy that yearned for independence. The 4th of July represents a true uniting vision that stimulated a resounding victory which has led to inspiring billions of people to have faith and courage in the face of fear. The 4th of July is a trademark of freedom and a symbol of visionary leadership that is constantly recognized and praised throughout the world.

The culmination of great minds who seen a healthier future and understood the consequences decided to take a leap of faith. Signing the Declaration of Independence sent a clear message that Americans were going to fight for Independence at all costs. The 4th of July was a day where Americans declared a war on tyranny and provided the foundation for democracy.

The unique system that was crafted beginning back in the late 1700s has stood the test of time and has been a blueprint for successful democracy. The future is unknown as it was back on this day in 1776, but our forefathers provided a design for leadership success that guides us further into the future.

  1. Make a meaningful decision that has a greater meaning than the self in mind and that has a greater call to action than one can imagine.
  2. Never relent on your vision and continue to improve the road to victory as you travel.
  3. Understand that tomorrow has to be improved upon by acting today.
  4. Lead with courage and integrity against all adversity.
  5. Hold with confidence in the face of fear and uncertainty.
  6. Craft a message that is beyond our years and reverberates with people in the future.
  7. Form partnerships with others who have an ability to contribute to the mission.

Leadership is about inspiring action and enabling others to draw their own design that aligns with the overall vision. Leadership is about creating vision that clearly identifies a better future and allows others to view the grand reconstructed beauty. The value of great leadership is priceless and the accomplishments forecasted by our forefather’s vision still echoes of intense commitment heard around the world.

We live today to nurture the visualization of freedom, independence, and democracy. The words crafted into the U.S. Constitution are the foundation of democracy and govern the laws that protect our freedoms. The incredible advances over the past 100+ years hold homage to the vision declared on the 4th of July in 1776. Let us celebrate what so many willingly gave their lives to develop and protect. Freedom.


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