New Leader – Team Communication Error: Problems and Solutions

Great individual performers who are promoted to leadership positions are used to producing superior results which are the reason for their promotion. These standout performers have customized frameworks set in place that guide their performance.  Their frameworks have taken years of development and their work experience and education has created a blueprint for success. As a new organizational leader, these company superstars’ job roles have changed. Now they need to rely on the work ethic of others to complete tasks and projects. They assume their job is to motivate a similar work production from their team members and this assumed inherent belief causes conflict.

The newly appointed leader tries to impose their work style on their team members because they have learned the most effective way for project success within the organization. A team member wants to use this information to leverage their ability to complete projects out of respect for their team leader and organization, but specific work styles are not always for everyone. The company as a whole wants prototypes of their new leader because of the superior gains realized through their company superstar’s individual performance. Everyone involved wants to meet this goal, but the internal structure cannot support the mission. Solutions are needed to avoid a domino effect of failure before it is too late.

Imposing the leader’s work style on team members has a way of backfiring, and causing internal conflict because people have different abilities and styles that are sometimes inflexible. This misalignment causes frustration, friction, and a lack of effective communication for everyone involved. Ultimately, the project suffers, employee’s turnoff, and the company superstar is now seen as an incompetent leader.

Leadership coaching removes the situational dilemma associated with leadership promotion by providing a framework for understanding different work styles and mediates the communication to improve the overall message. Usually, a new leader’s message gets lost in translation because of the emotional elements involved in these novel situations such as the transition to having enlarged responsibilities while at the same time having less control. The new leader has to understand the new territory of leadership and how to effectively navigate the controls by influencing team members to execute their style effectively to complete the project with excellence and on time. Leaders hold accountability, create a vision, communicate the mission, and inspire their team members to contribute their best. Leadership coaching provides the support system needed for new leaders to steer their team to success and create greater gains for their organizations sustainability. As you can see, the return on investment for leadership coaching is impressive when understood in the correct context.

"WeI’m Keith Lawrence Miller and I approve this message.   We provide Certified Professional Action-based Executive Coaching and Consultation services to Maximize Leadership abilities through Innovative Communication, Goal Setting, and behavioral change. Providing customized solutions everyday.

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Strategy Framework for Leadership Coaching

The phrase “strategy” has been marginalized since its inception, but the ever evolving business environment increasingly benefits from quality strategy which could be the difference between success and organizational failure.

Leadership is the life blood of all organizations and a strategy to maintain a consistent leadership base of seven years is optimal for success.  Leadership teams need to selectively abandon past processes and replace areas of need with new creations that power future production. Leadership teams need to have a constantly evolving five-year plan because the external landscape is constantly changing and is difficult to predict.

Strategy needs to consistently evolve because it possesses a half-life from the moment of implementation. Additional limits to strategy include imitation and commoditization which reduces value and effectiveness.

The future is rapidly changing and the yearly complexities of business are constantly morphing through ever-expanding world crisis.  Growth is associated with complexities and globalization has increased expectations to levels that are unmanageable without proper strategy and leadership.

Tomorrow’s dilemma will make today look and feel like the 1850s.

What is your strategy?

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Becoming a Coaching Client (Coachee)

The needed mindset of a successful coachee relies on 5 factors:

1. Openness to new experience.

2. Commitment to self-work.

3. Deep thinking for resolution.

4. Ability to deal with moments of discomfort.

5. A strong motivation to become more successful.

Becoming a first time coaching client is a new experience that from a distance can be intimidating and seem to be an uncomfortable venture that is less than desirable.

The coaching experience is quite the opposite and clients who have taken this venture usually retain a coach to assist their development concerning multiple issues throughout life.

The coaching engagement begins with a consultation between coach and potential client to understand situations, concerns, desires, goals, and to answer specific questions. Furthermore, the ground rules (i.e. meeting times, confidentiality, etc.) for the coaching engagement are discussed and agreed upon.

Following the initial consultation, a customized engagement is created for each individual coaching client with a focus on actionable goals, strategy creation, and actualizing achievement.

Not all coaching is created equal and finding the ideal coach who fits with your mission and life values is essential for enhanced overall success.

The coach-coachee relationship is a partnership that has a joint agreement to reach desired outcomes or goals. The coachee is required to commit to the hard work needed to implement and sustain positive change in life.

The coachee controls the information within the coaching relationship and the coach drives the pace and directional focus which is in the best interest of the coachee.

Trust and confidentiality is achieved and maintained by the coach throughout the engagement to enable the coachee to obtain a deeper understand of self, situation, and process that limit or enhance performance.

Coaching is about raising awareness and maximizing strengths within situations that maximize results and overall satisfaction. Avoiding problems and acknowledging behaviors are silent or lesser known enhancements that provide substantial benefits in most future situations.

"WeI’m Keith Lawrence Miller and I approve this message.   We provide Certified Professional Action-based Coaching and Consultation services to Maximize Opportunity through Innovative Communication and Goal Setting by using Strategy in Executive Leadership coaching, Business Coaching, Career Coaching, and Life Coaching.  Optimize your Strengths and Achieve Success in Less Time with a clear-minded motivated Focus – Visit: for more information.

Performance Coaching – Bring out your Professional Best

Performance coaching has many benefits and advantages for executives, employees and managers working in all kinds of organizations. It helps to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the team which not only reflects on the company’s growth but also each employee’s personal growth.

This kind of coaching is usually carried out by experts who either work as individuals or as part of a firm which imparts coaching sessions. Coaching of this sort is extremely valuable for managers and team leaders as it helps you obtain feedback faster than other traditional methods like performance reviews and processes. With faster feedback, you also get faster results which enable you to get the best out of your employees without the need for negative criticism. Investing in the development of employees is a big asset for any organization as it is his performance that decides the growth and success of the company.

Several different strategies, tools and techniques are employed in coaching employees to improve the overall performance of a team. The core sessions will enable the employees to stay motivated, engaged and focused on their individual strengths. Coaching also helps to open up the channels of communication thereby allowing the right message to reach across to the employees from the manager’s or team leader’s side.

Another advantage of performance coaching is that it prepares you to handle difficult situations, internal problems and conflicts in a diplomatic manner. You are also equipped with tools and strategies that help you tide over this problem turning them into opportunities for growth. It is not always necessary for a company to hire a performance coach from an external firm. The managers, team leaders and senior executives can take up this task and coach the other employees of the organization. Since you work with each employee closely, you will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses more realistically and thereby coach the person accordingly.

Till a few years ago, most organizations were not ready to spend time and resources on performance coaching. But now, companies have woken up to the fact that developing the strengths of the employees not only enables them to provide their best at work but also increases the overall efficiency and performance of the team. This in turn translates into better profits for the company in the long run. Today, this type of coaching is considered as an investment and coaches are regularly employed for assessments and coaching sessions to evaluate and coach the employees accordingly.

Professional Coaching Explained

We briefly discuss the difference between coaching and consulting, difference between non-certified coaching and certified coaching, the importance of having a professional coach, why coaching is essential for client development, what a client should bring to the coaching engagement, what the concept of professional coaching is all about, coaching and action learning, and lastly, the beauty of awareness and clear communication derived from professional coaching.

Coaching is not Consulting

Coaching doesn’t provide answers.

Coaching enables you to develop the answer that is right for you.

Industry knowledge is not mandatory for coaching.

However, it allows for clear dialogue, more comfort, and faster progress.


Information doubles every forty-eight hours.

There are choices for choices!

What you do today shapes your future.


Making the correct choices has a huge impact on your life.

A career needs to be crafted correctly.

A wrong choice can cause lost years, reduced income, and a lower quality of living standard.


Coaching is a badge of honor that shows you are ready to take action for more achievement.

All high achievers employ professional coaches to guide them to be their very best.

Coaching is about taking action, understanding the moment, and leveraging strengths for improved success.


Coaching does not dwell on past problems, but rather, takes the positives and learned experience and uses it to create new perceptions.

Not everyone can benefit from coaching.

A client has to bring traits with them to the coaching engagement.

A few traits for optimum results are as follows:

  1. Motivated to get better
  2. Interested in learning about themselves
  3. Open to taking measured chances
  4. Ready to change negative behaviors
  5. Ready to create goals and commit to them

Professional coaching is an investment in yourself and if you feel that you are better than your performance says then acquiring a certified professional coach is exactly what you need to get to the next level.

Not all coaching is created equal

There are many practicing coaches that are not formally trained in the art of coaching.

Anyone who has had experience with a certified coach and a non-certified coach could tell you the difference.

The difference concerns the approach to the relationship, the structure of engagement, the non-judgmental behavior of the coach, and more production from the client because of the high regard a certified coach has for their clients.

There is a certain type of education that enhances the coaching ability in regards to mental acuity, expert listening, and perspective shifting, understanding the power of questions, and respecting the expertise of the client.

Non-certified coaches bring a different self-created practice to the coaching engagement that incorporates a little bit of consultant and therapist which creates discomfort and increasingly contributes to the lack of attaining goals.

Coaching and Action Learning

Action learning is a fairly new concept in organizations that has been developed through sensitive research on Adult Learning and Leadership. Visualizing the action inoculates us to the experience – studies have shown that performance is elevated similarly when physically doing and visualizing the experience.

Coaching creates a comfortable confidential space where the client taps into this world with a trusted guide and operates subconsciously to get better at their specific craft. The client has already accomplished their objective in their mind when the time comes to physically perform and will succeed to the best of their ability because of the coaching engagement.

Coaching is Revolutionary

Professional coaching is a revolutionary way of communicating and the evolution of our development has created a medium to advance our performance. Positive psychology is tapping into the art of coaching and adapting it further for additional benefits. Professional coaching is here to stay and currently a multi-billion dollar industry. Our clients leave our engagement with new found awareness and amazement of the beauty of seeing clearly. Our way of life goes so fast that we fail to absorb its beauty and forget the basics that make life worth living.  This is a common theme in most of our lives because we are only human and only able to take in on average seven bits of information per second.  Being thankful for what we have is challenging when we see all the things we don’t have. The vividness of your life is very beautiful when you realize what is really there in front of you.

  I’m Keith Lawrence Miller and I approve this message.   We provide Certified Professional Action-based Coaching and Consultation services to Maximize Opportunity through Innovative Communication and Goal Setting by using Strategy in Leadership, Business, Career, and Life. Optimize your Strengths and Achieve Success in Less Time with a motivated Focus – Visit: for more information…

The Professional Coaching Process Explained

The ORID model is revolutionary and is the next step in the evolution of communication. This coaching model is a coach’s best friend because it identifies the correct process to enable the client to expand on their inner potential. Awareness and motivation are critical elements to seizing success in personal and professional encounters. We believe that there is no such thing as a dead-end and there is always a possibility to win when there is a present unstoppable will. Our clients overcome extreme adversity and we have the endurance to support against any odds. We implement strategic tools and logic to expand the field of view concerning all situations. The ORID provides a great system to improve communication between the coach and elite associate. Coaching skills such as active listening and powerful questions enable the professional coach to take this tool to a higher level and a lesser qualified coach would not be able to manage the above tool effectively.

The ORID diagram seems complex and difficult to interpret, but the following will explain the complicated terms in clearer detail. The O in ORID stands for observation which is code for understanding the background information concerning specific client situations. Background information is important for understand current and future situations. A qualified professional coach knows how to understand the content that is being communicated. There are hidden messages that a competent coach can pick up on and create awareness for their client. If done correctly, this feedback can be greatly influential in the client’s life.

The R in ORID stands for reflective which concerns understanding the feelings and emotions associated with the background information. A skilled coach will move effortlessly between these two categories and can maneuver back and forth gathering background information mixed with the associated feelings. The ORID box is extremely important because it identifies when discomfort is created – A lesser skilled coach will unknowingly create discomfort during the coaching process because they are unaware of the critical rules of communication. Trust is incredibly important when exploring feelings and emotions when supporting a client during this experience. Comfort and safety associated with privacy and confidentiality during the coaching process is essential in understanding all connected elements. True empathy is omnipotent in these situations and a born to be coach will posses this ability.

The I in ORID stands for Interpretive which concerns a full understanding of the previous two categories of O and R plus a focus on co-creating strategic solutions to improve current and future situations. A common mistake of inexperienced coaches is to cross the center and jump to decisions from feelings or from solutions back to background information. These jumps cause discomfort and skew the coaching relationship because mistrust is unconsciously created. When the coach has safely guided their client to the solutions stage there is a synergy that is growingly powerful. The momentum to overcome obstacles is fierce and the client begins to establish new growth that leads to greater accomplishment. This stage provides a clear-minded platform for expert brainstorming that magnifies client abilities to think strategically from multiple perspectives. The coaching feedback during this stage is extremely beneficial for the client because it signals that they are on the right page and reinforces their motivation to succeed – Sounds great huh.

The D in ORID stands for Decisions and this is the fourth category that has the task of capturing the momentum of the previous three categories. This is the mental arena where the client puts the optimum solution into practice and owns the process. This firmly empowers the client to take action in their lives to improve their position by making decisions that are free of false underlying beliefs that create arresting emotions that inhibit appropriate action. The coach guides the process and the client controls the content – The coach empowers the client through the coaching process and the client embraces the opportunity to reach their ultimate potential. An ongoing coaching engagement provides a constant platform for the client to interact with a professional coach. This provides the ability to reflect on progress or various factors that limit progressive action. This is a time to gain a deeper understanding about issues, circumstances, decisions, beliefs, and to brag about reaching previously unrealized goals faster than could possibly be conceived. This experience is what professional coaches live for and witnessing the development of clients is the greatest gift that the coach could receive. If you are interested in getting started or restarted in a coaching engagement – Please visit to view the products and prices that we have available or e-mail your questions to

I’m Keith Lawrence Miller and I approve this message.   We provide Certified Professional Action-based Coaching and Consultation services to Maximize Opportunity through Innovative Communication and Goal Setting by using Strategy in Leadership, Business, Career, and Life. Optimize your Strengths and Achieve Success in Less Time with a motivated Focus – Visit: or for more information…

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