37 Traits of Leadership

  1. Resiliency
  2. Integrity
  3. Charisma
  4. Vision
  5. Fairness
  6. Consideration for others
  7. Leading diverse employees
  8. Intellectual stimulation
  9. Courage
  10. Loyalty
  11. Dependability
  12. Self confidence
  13. Responsibility and accountability
  14. Flexibility
  15. Judgment
  16. Perseverance/tenacity
  17. Desire
  18. Mentoring and developing
  19. Decision making
  20. Communications
  21. Negotiation
  22. Delegation
  23. Empowerment
  24. Prioritizing
  25. Decisiveness
  26. Physical and emotional stamina
  27. Goal setting
  28. Planning
  29. Organizing
  30. Measuring business performance
  31. Measuring employee performance
  32. Assessing risks
  33. Reward and recognition
  34. Political diplomacy
  35. Timing
  36. Competitiveness
  37. Execution – getting things done

Changing the Way the World Works

The economy is still struggling and the job market has been less than inviting.  Prospective employees are staying on the sidelines and the employee selection process is less than effective.  People are hired for all the wrong reasons and talented individuals find themselves on the outside looking in because they fail to prepare in an uniformed expectation.  The selection process needs to improve in order to take advantage of the skilled labor that the U.S. has to offer. More and more college graduates are underemployed and underutilized because they fail to meet the specific requirements of the organizational gatekeeper.

Potential employees are asked to jump through more hoops today than ever before because companies are cautious of hiring the wrong person who will not “fit” into the company culture.  An ill-advised hire can cost an organization tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.  The work environment of today is a paradox for both potential employees and hiring managers because there is more pressure to perform and produce than ever before.  The knowledge economy has raised the bar on production speed and the high price of the stock market reflects this reality.

Professional executive career coaching mediates the pain involved in making critical decisions around hiring and reduces the pressure to produce because a properly coached individual is a better choice for employment than a uncoached individual.  The coaching process provides critical insight for the potential employee concerning their knowledge, skills, and behaviors and how they relate to current job market.  A professional career coach co-develops a job strategy with the client to maximize opportunities and raise awareness concerning the interview expectations.  “Work today as we know it has changed forever with the continuing advancement in technology and the widespread competition of globalization” says Keith Miller, President of the Million Dollar Coaching Company.

The Million Dollar Coaching Company has recently joined forces with other highly skilled professional coaches as part of the Columbia University Career Coaching Network that provides elite level career coaching for Columbia University Alumni. The Million Dollar Coaching Company provides professional coaching for executives, mid-level managers, potential employees, and leaders from small, mid-sized, and fortune 1000 companies. They have a variety of products to support learning in the workplace, resume development for an improved first impression, and professional assessments to determine unknown levels of competence and esoteric skills. For additional information, visit: http://www.EliteProCoach.com/.

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Performance Coaching – Bring out your Professional Best

Performance coaching has many benefits and advantages for executives, employees and managers working in all kinds of organizations. It helps to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the team which not only reflects on the company’s growth but also each employee’s personal growth.

This kind of coaching is usually carried out by experts who either work as individuals or as part of a firm which imparts coaching sessions. Coaching of this sort is extremely valuable for managers and team leaders as it helps you obtain feedback faster than other traditional methods like performance reviews and processes. With faster feedback, you also get faster results which enable you to get the best out of your employees without the need for negative criticism. Investing in the development of employees is a big asset for any organization as it is his performance that decides the growth and success of the company.

Several different strategies, tools and techniques are employed in coaching employees to improve the overall performance of a team. The core sessions will enable the employees to stay motivated, engaged and focused on their individual strengths. Coaching also helps to open up the channels of communication thereby allowing the right message to reach across to the employees from the manager’s or team leader’s side.

Another advantage of performance coaching is that it prepares you to handle difficult situations, internal problems and conflicts in a diplomatic manner. You are also equipped with tools and strategies that help you tide over this problem turning them into opportunities for growth. It is not always necessary for a company to hire a performance coach from an external firm. The managers, team leaders and senior executives can take up this task and coach the other employees of the organization. Since you work with each employee closely, you will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses more realistically and thereby coach the person accordingly.

Till a few years ago, most organizations were not ready to spend time and resources on performance coaching. But now, companies have woken up to the fact that developing the strengths of the employees not only enables them to provide their best at work but also increases the overall efficiency and performance of the team. This in turn translates into better profits for the company in the long run. Today, this type of coaching is considered as an investment and coaches are regularly employed for assessments and coaching sessions to evaluate and coach the employees accordingly.

Negotiate like a Pro – Quick List of Negotiating Tips

Most people don’t like to negotiate – studies have shown that negotiation is the main  reason women receive less pay when compared to men in the workplace.  Negotiation does not always have to be sneaky or intimidating – especially if you know certain techniques.  Organizations want to know how well you can negotiate because this ability will serve the organizational cause in the future – If you are poor at negotiating then you will be perceived as a liability to the company and receive less money in the process.  Below are a few solid techniques to aid you in your development of negotiating skills and to earning a greater degree of respect from the other side.

  • Negotiations are time-bound and 80% of the action happens during the final 20% of the time
  • Strategy: Create additional demands during the final 20% of time to increase pressure
  • Enter negotiations with a full understanding of what you are willing to accept
  • Bring your requirements along with a list of unreasonable requests to create camouflage
  • Each side likes to win points and these unreasonable requests will serve you well during the final portion of negotiation
  • Make them seem important and do not show your hand – they will allow you to achieve your goal
  • Give up your unreasonable requests late in the negotiation so the other side will get a win and you could exchange for something important
  • Watch body language to see if it aligns with what is being said verbally – misalignment means a bluff or lie


Stay patient – Patience Wins


I’m Keith Lawrence Miller and I approve this message.   We provide Certified Professional Action-based Coaching and Consultation services to Maximize Opportunity through Innovative Communication and Goal Setting by using Strategy in Leadership, Business, Career, and Life. Optimize your Strengths and Achieve Success in Less Time with a motivated Focus – Visit: http://EliteProCoach.com or http://Coachonomics.com for more information…

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