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During the decade of my 20s, the mission was to find the natural way to the best body and have a better body than everyone that took the cheaters route.  It took years of trial and error beginning at the age of 13 but I have a secret formula for fitness success that takes mental will-power to apply.  The world’s greatest athletes will tell you that the game is 90% mental and I can attest that creating a perfect natural body is more of a mental game than it is a physical game.  The body will feel the resistance, but the mind has the choice to give in to temptation or to overcome the obstacle.  Controlling the inner voice is more important than we believe.

Below is the golden diet plan that I created over years of experimentation and as you can see it works.

The results in the above picture included 3 hours of exercise per day, 6-7 days a week on a regular basis, but I cut down from 215 pounds to 167 pounds and maintained that condition for several years with the diet below.  It does get easier as the weeks turn into months and it actually becomes enjoyably addictive.


The Goal: 1500 calories per day

This includes low carb bread (wonder light wheat 35 calories), smart balance organic butter, low-fat mayo, peanut butter (Skippy all natural), organic milk, Gatorade, cereal, cheese, and all the good stuff you could fit in under 1500 calories.

Plus: you could eat as much as you want of: Chicken, Steak, Beef, Seafood, Greens, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, low carb protein shakes, crystal light, no sugar low-calorie juice, clean cold cuts

No sugar, no soda, no pizza, no white bread, no cake, no cookies, no chocolate (except an occasional piece of dark chocolate), no beer, no foods excessively high in salts (i.e. processed soups)

Occasional exceptions: lightly salted chips, dark chocolate

Recommended fast food: Wendy’s chili, any salads without dressing, KFC grilled Chicken, bacon and eggs

The goal is to follow the above strict for 7 days straight and sometimes a little longer in the beginning to get a stronger effect

The body goes into ketosis and eats its own fat as a fuel supply – eating olive oil protects the muscles from being burned.

After this time period: eat the carbs you were craving but stay away from the heavy stuff like pizza – have some rice or subway

Spread the eating out throughout the day so you have a full stomach and to replenish your energy storage – eat before bed too

Supplements: Resvertrol, multi-vitamin, b-complex 100, omega oils, anti-cortisol, legal over the counter testosterone boosters (for males), Isopure (low carb) protein or similar brand, maybe NO2 Black or something similar to boost energy

I transferred my attention to building my mind, my family, and being Super Dad 2.0 – well worth the switch, but I will be taking the above adventure again – hopefully we could check in with each other in a year’s time and compare results.

Looking forward to hearing about your success.

Your Friend,

Keith Miller


Prevention Parenting

Prevention Parenting

The most important aspect to being a great parent is practicing prevention.

I have five kids which gives me a valuable prospective on this issue.

Preventing problems is the #1 tool against dangerous life situations involving your kid/s.

Many parents are concerned with preventing kids from falling down stairs, being bullied at school, and crashing their 1st car, which is excellent, but not fully sufficient prevention.

Prevention begins before you think about conceiving.

Prevention starts right now.

Prevention Parenting is defined by parents proactively participating in a healthy lifestyle.

The next step of prevention begins in the womb.

Keys to Success:

Stay away from all chemicals that would harm a newborn.

Smoke (all kinds), sushi (metals), alcohol (goes without saying), fumes from automobiles,

any type of medication (Doctors say certain meds are safe, but are you willing to risk finding out differently a few years after your child is born?), and any other dangerous compound.

“Get sufficient sleep, stay in a positive state of mind (always), and read-read-read”.

These prevention scenarios, attitudes, and behaviors dramatically shape your child.

Do you want your child to be Healthy, Smart, Alert, and full of Joy?

The work is cut out for you to have a wonderful parenting career but it does require work.

Preparation and prevention before birth makes for a wonderful loving experience during life.

I promise that if you follow Prevention Parenting, the work you put in advance will pay dramatic dividends for your child’s health, intelligence, and overall quality of life.


your life will thrive because of the joy you will feel witnessing your child achieve greatness due to your diligent effort.

This positive feedback loop will provide you with pure happiness that will extend your life cycle and enhance your joy of living.

The best part: Parenting a healthy, intelligent, happy child is much easier than parenting an unhealthy, low on intelligence, unhappy child.

The information for success is here and the choice is yours to make.

The Million Dollar Coaching Company loves children and we hope that you make the right choice.

Thank you for reading this informational memo and we wish you unlimited joy.

Keith Lawrence Miller | The Elite Coach | The Million Dollar Coaching Company | | (855) My-Pro-Coach

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