Servant-Based Leadership: A Father’s Day Special

On Father’s Day, as a father of five, I am proud to experience all the wonderful moments associated with my role.
My kids take pride in doing the right things for themselves and watching how proud I am of their achievements. As a father, I am a servant leader. I meet my kid’s needs in every way and they repay my efforts with being the best they could be in most situations. They live to make me proud because they know how much I do to make sure they are safe and happy. They appreciate my efforts and are grateful for the life my wife and I provide for them.

Whenever they need me – I am there.

I focus on delivering a focused education in all phases of their life and they are my top priority. Their success is my success and I will stop at nothing to see them all achieve their desired happiness. Our communication is open and honest. I do my best to let them know as much as possible concerning what is happening day-to-day. They know how I feel about them and they know what is expected of them: behave and do well in school.

My kids wake up to read, hold mock classes at home, and are rewarded by being acknowledged as the best behaved kids in their school. People are shocked when they learn that my wife and I have five kids because we are stress-free and look really young for our ages. Our kids are so well-behaved that we could go anywhere and not worry. The key is clear communications, boundaries, expectations, interaction, and servitude, not spoiling, and showing love.

Servant leadership gains followership that strives for achievement because they know their leader is all-in for them. The support system empowers them to achieve at their highest level. The give and take philosophy is a two-way road and through reciprocity, everyone receives rewards and all needs are universally met.

On father’s day, I celebrate my family because they make me the dad I am today.
I wish all the great DADs who lead their families and make this world a special place, Happy Father’s Day.

Why Goodwill is Priceless

Goodwill is derived from an accumulation of respect and the compounding effect can inadvertently change the world. Creating awareness within communities about having an abundant possession of goodwill promotes additional goodwill through the phenomenon of social proof, and an inherent human need to join a movement.  Goodwill promotes added commitment and can catapult an average leader into the ranks of the immortals.

Ten ways to acquire goodwill:

  1. Refrain from expressing a self-serving attitude
  2. Don’t be afraid to show others your human side
  3. Remove de-motivators from others perceptions
  4. Become an advocate for others desires
  5. Demonstrate daily adherence to your organization
  6. Become a role model for others
  7. Support charities
  8. Enable others to become difference makers
  9. Become a symbol of integrity by walking the talk
  10. Provide opportunities for development

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Leadership Matters

The main prerequisite for leadership is for the aspiring individual to be motivated to be a leader.  A lack of motivation to handle the enormous task of leadership will certainly end in failure. The second prerequisite for leadership is for the leader to have followers.  Without followers there is no leadership. Leadership is relational – Leadership is psychological – Leadership leverages power appropriately – Leadership is an ART.  Effective leadership greatly improves all business processes at all levels. Strong leadership provides product differentiation.

Servant leadership builds trust within the organization.  Today’s leadership requirement has turned the hierarchical pyramid upside down. Influence, providing vision, fulfilling needs for acknowledgement, and creating meaningful work for employees is mandatory of current successful leadership. The pay differential for leaders vs. mid-level employees is vast and these higher salaries create higher expectations.  Technology has created a world where work never stops and providing leadership around the ever-changing organizational variables is integral.

Leadership has changed forever and soft skills such as relationship building, collaboration, and change management are the key metrics for producing success.  This statement is uncomfortable for most leaders because it clashes with their leadership experience. The previous statement is not a blanket statement for the leadership of yesterday, but rather, a harbinger of the leadership of our current future. Soft skill leadership will provide a competitive advantage and competing companies will rush to leverage the art of true leadership.  As the environment changes so does leadership practices in order to be financially solvent. The ultimate goal of all business is to make a profit which starts and ends with successful leadership.

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