Strengths-Based Process: Leveraging Strengths for Success

We all have strengths – We all have weaknesses.

The common consensus is that we should improve our weaknesses to become more balanced and competent.  This misinformed belief leads people to become average. None of us are satisfied with average – there has to be another way to develop.

Yes, you need to be aware of your weaknesses and not allow them to inhibit your development.  Weaknesses need to be mitigated, but spending all of our time focusing on improving weaknesses is an exercise in futility.

We all have areas of weakness. There are several reasons for this and one reason is it is physically impossible to be perfect at everything. The best reason is that we do not mentally and physically enjoy doing the things we are weakest at doing and spend less time operating in those areas.  We avoid doing things that are unpleasant and we gravitate to doing the things that we enjoy the most. The things we enjoy doing the most become our strengths because we have more deliberate practice in these areas. Ultimately, we should concentrate on maximizing our strengths because we enjoy spending our energy and time focusing on these areas.

  • We have more to offer others when we express our strengths and cultivate our expertise.

Now that we have a mutual understanding on strengths and weaknesses; let me introduce you to the lever that enhances the strengths-based system.

There is an economic principle called competitive advantage.

It states that two competent people making two items each usually possess the ability to do one thing better than the other.  When each of them focuses on their strength – they can maximize their output in their best area.

Each person can produce more of one item when focused on doing only the thing they are best at doing instead of including their weaker skill. Each person has an abundance of one item and they need to fulfill the need provided by the item they did not create.

The key to unlocking the strength-based process is TRADE.

Trade creates wealth and Countries use this principle well.  Our civilization originated by using a bartering system which grew into a money system which is all based on the economic principle of competitive advantage. We as individuals can leverage this principle for our individual competitive advantage.

The prescription for implementation is:

  1. We need to identify our greatest strength.
  2. Develop this strength to be the best it can be.
  3. Find someone else who needs what we produce and has      something of importance that we are weak at producing.
  4. Trade services and create wealth for both parties.

A Win-Win Situation by leveraging the economic principle of Competitive Advantage for personal and professional development.

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“Changing the Way the World Works”

Career Coaching for Success in a Changing World

Change brings stress and its human nature to find comfort in patterns of consistency. The crutch of predictive repetitiveness is that it is unsustainable. We need to change or adapt in order to survive. The world is changing with more frequency as we enter the knowledge economy fueled by digital communications and technological advances. These changes create uncertainty and reinventing our knowledge, skills, and abilities on a weekly basis is more than challenging. Globalization has contributed to the mass confusion of where we fit into the picture and how we could do something substantial with our lives. There is more competition for resources than ever before in our human history.

With all this change and complication has come increased knowledge and understanding. We have acquired more worldly views and gained a new appreciation for learning as a society. Doors have opened where there were none before. New industries have evolved and newer platforms will emerge in the future. The major question we all want answered is: where do we fit into this puzzle?

There is a two-part answer that applies to all of us.  Scientific research has discovered that we all have specific strengths and there are ways for each individual to discover their own. The second part is the most important part and requires a positive attitude to implement for success. What are you passionate about? What makes you want to wake up in the morning? What have you always dreamed of doing?

The answers to these personal questions are the basis for being a success. Knowing your strengths and applying them to living your passion with a positive attitude that will not allow for failure is success. We only fail if we give up. Giving up is not an option for success. Neither is going full steam ahead without adjusting for large barriers and obstacles. Our success train needs to be flexible enough to deal with problems, but we can never allow unforeseen problems to stop us. Murphy’s Law states that everything that can go wrong will go wrong so we need to plan accordingly. No one is a success overnight.  Success requires a set of actions that creates positive momentum and we need to continually add to that momentum daily. Entering into this process is a success within itself because you are following and living your passion by applying your favorite part of yourself, your strengths.

Discovering and applying your strengths to your passion is the recipe for success. Each individual has a different path. Finding that path is the hard part and doing it is the easy part. Life becomes everything we dreamed it would be when we find our life rhythm.  We all have the ability to combine these personal traits for success.  If your strengths are not clear then I suggest you invest in yourself by taking a few self-assessments around personality, conation abilities, and a SWOT analysis which is an understanding of strengths and weaknesses.  These assessments will aid you in understanding your innate abilities and provide a guide on how to apply your strengths to your passion.  If your passion consists of more than one choice then I suggest you choose the most appropriate one for living a more purposeful life and never look back.  Oscillating between passions will weaken each position and reduce the effectiveness of both.

You have a competitive advantage in this economy of change and that competitive advantage is you.  You have unique skills that you bring to the competition and you need to sharpen your tool for maximum advantage.  The increasing change is a positive that is harnessed by those who know what they have to offer and what they are most passionate about doing. Stress becomes confidence when these innate factors are realized and combined – a confidence that multiplies and creates the dreamed of reality that we all seek.

Keith Lawrence Miller, President and Certified Executive Coach specializes in Executive Leadership Coaching & Consulting, Behavioral Change – Career Coaching and is an Assessment Specialist (360 Multi-Rater Feedback, EQ-I, ESCI, Strengths-Based, DISC, and much more)

His education is at the graduate level from Columbia University with strengths in Leadership, Coaching, Change, & Consultation (Organizational Behavioral Psychology) – He is Certified in Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, & Social Intelligence from Columbia University and is an ICF Certified and Associate Credentialed Professional Coach.

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