Strengths-Based Process: Leveraging Strengths for Success

We all have strengths – We all have weaknesses.

The common consensus is that we should improve our weaknesses to become more balanced and competent.  This misinformed belief leads people to become average. None of us are satisfied with average – there has to be another way to develop.

Yes, you need to be aware of your weaknesses and not allow them to inhibit your development.  Weaknesses need to be mitigated, but spending all of our time focusing on improving weaknesses is an exercise in futility.

We all have areas of weakness. There are several reasons for this and one reason is it is physically impossible to be perfect at everything. The best reason is that we do not mentally and physically enjoy doing the things we are weakest at doing and spend less time operating in those areas.  We avoid doing things that are unpleasant and we gravitate to doing the things that we enjoy the most. The things we enjoy doing the most become our strengths because we have more deliberate practice in these areas. Ultimately, we should concentrate on maximizing our strengths because we enjoy spending our energy and time focusing on these areas.

  • We have more to offer others when we express our strengths and cultivate our expertise.

Now that we have a mutual understanding on strengths and weaknesses; let me introduce you to the lever that enhances the strengths-based system.

There is an economic principle called competitive advantage.

It states that two competent people making two items each usually possess the ability to do one thing better than the other.  When each of them focuses on their strength – they can maximize their output in their best area.

Each person can produce more of one item when focused on doing only the thing they are best at doing instead of including their weaker skill. Each person has an abundance of one item and they need to fulfill the need provided by the item they did not create.

The key to unlocking the strength-based process is TRADE.

Trade creates wealth and Countries use this principle well.  Our civilization originated by using a bartering system which grew into a money system which is all based on the economic principle of competitive advantage. We as individuals can leverage this principle for our individual competitive advantage.

The prescription for implementation is:

  1. We need to identify our greatest strength.
  2. Develop this strength to be the best it can be.
  3. Find someone else who needs what we produce and has      something of importance that we are weak at producing.
  4. Trade services and create wealth for both parties.

A Win-Win Situation by leveraging the economic principle of Competitive Advantage for personal and professional development.

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“Changing the Way the World Works”

Comparative Advantage for Human Behavior

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Want added value in your life? Who doesn’t? Are you wealthy? Not enough.  We all share the same answers on these issues regardless of socio-economic status – Why? Because wealth is not only about producing more tangible goods and earning more profit.  Let me explain: I have a solution that will shock your system and motivate you to act on your potential after you finish reading this article.  These following statements apply to everyone because this is a universal economic principle that is always true, and it is my belief that this applies to human behavior as well.

What is Comparative Advantage?

Long story, but here is the short version: Two people (Jack & Jill) produce two types of tangible goods (rice & juice) at a high-level, but each person manufactures their specialty better than the other.  So, they each focus on their strength and produce only their specialty product at a high level.  The magic wealth builder is in the trade – They both become wealthier by trading, rather than, producing their own two tangible goods individually.  The same work input with more output – Comparative Advantage.

That is the economic perspective – Let’s look at the human behavior element – This is why were reading this anyway, right?  The current strengths-based movement is backed by decades of research and shows that a focus on a personal strength is more productive for the individual (King of Specialty), when compared to an individual focusing on balance (Jack of all trades).

Impact on Intellectual Wealth

Let’s take these two ideas a step further and combine these concepts (Comparative Advantage & Strengths-Based Leadership) – Now we have two individuals (Jack & Jill) working solely on their strongest intellectual strength which as an example could be writing and marketing, respectively. Both individuals (Jack & Jill) should not dually focus on their writing and marketing separately from one another since this would essentially slow both processes down because of the existing compared inefficiency in one of the areas. The solution to the human behavior development of wealth is in the trade of intellectual property.  The key to intellectual wealth in this example lies in their ability to share the overall task by concentrating on their existing strength and then combining their abilities to produce extraordinary work.  One person (Jack) writes a perfect book and the other person (Jill), markets the intellectual property – They then both become millionaires, and get to live happily ever after.

Comparative Advantage and Teams

This synergy of strengths exists today in teams, but are weakly developed (i.e. Selection & Development problem), which produces lackluster results (at best).  An accurate evaluation of strengths and abilities needs to be implemented before developing groups of teams to complete projects.  This pre-planning stage will increase the work output of the team, provide happiness and fulfillment to each individual involved, and make the leader look like a genius.  How about that for a happy organizational ending?

Impact on the Knowledge Economy

We are in the knowledge economy and these types of laws and devices (comparative advantage for human behavior and strengths-based leadership) that leverage human intelligence is optimal for improving the standard of living around the world.  We all know the hierarchical pyramid exists, but each individual is special, and has abilities that can contribute at large.  The key to success is to identify and exploit the existing strength for the individual’s enhancement and for additional contribution to society at large.  These discoveries, though difficult to achieve, will serve humanity in dividends for generations to come.  We have 7 billion people but still cannot re-create what the Egyptians did five thousand years ago – I was thoroughly surprised when I heard that true statement.  There are ways to measure your innate strength and to understand what you do effortlessly.  Discover, apply, and trade with a friend for greater wealth – Leverage your strengths.  Obviously, this is what I do so if you would like to learn more – visit:

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The Art of Greatness

A whistle in the wind – A moment in time – A thriller in Manila – A humble Giant leader

Greatness creates the improbable

A focused vision that unites people

A selfless passionate bigger than consciousness

A will of the mind to do the unthinkable against the insurmountable

Treasure discovered where no one has looked and is still yet to find

Achieving feat that has never been defined

Inventing new categories to measure ability

A magical thought leader with brilliant mental agility

A myth, a legend, an acme of glory

A smile, a shrug, a sincere answer that gives others credit

A humanitarian hero without regret

Achieving what is deemed improbable

A force that knows unlimited power

The power others have yet to see

A beacon of hope – A diamond of trust to be

A power that shines bright for all to see

That says, what you see in me is you

Words and praise are nice but inadequate to the great

Knows importance of love and shares its radiance

Heart of gold that beats in cadence

Creating memories that are not yet realized

A true leader – A one of a kind – A brand its own – Mastering the unknown

Inspired by Eli Manning ∞


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Entrepreneurship is Leadership

Change brings stress

Business is like pushing a giant bus

It takes a great effort to start the motion

But once the bus is moving – It accelerates by itself

Entrepreneurship is about learning from failure

Failure comes from taking chances

Chances come from innovative ideas

If 1 of 10 ideas work

You fail 9 of 10 times

But you are still a success

“The needle in the hay stack is what counts for an Entrepreneur”

  • Only the most resilient find the hidden needle

Hang in there – Stay positive – Push forward

  • Only if you give up or stop taking chances do you truly fail

It is not how many times you fail but how many times you get up to try again that counts

Business professionals that succeed are pressed to produced

Entrepreneurship is Leadership

Living in the paradoxical pressured moment is a key to victory

Getting clients and providing a quality product that develops a client following is vital

“Innovation is the new way of doing things around here (World Culture)”

What can we produce that improves lives?

Start with what will improve your life and then think outwards

Identify the pain that exist in people’s lives

How can you reduce their pain?

People will find the money for the cure

You will be adding value to people’s lives and improving living standards

Now you are an Entrepreneur and a true Leader

Keep innovating – keep thinking – keep exploring

“True positive change is optimal for survival and those who do not adapt get left behind”

I’m Keith Lawrence Miller and I approve this message.   We provide Certified Professional Action-based Coaching and Consultation services to Maximize Opportunity through Innovative Communication and Goal Setting by using Strategy in Leadership, Business, Career, and Life. Optimize your Strengths and Achieve Success in Less Time with a motivated Focus – Visit: or for more information…


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