Referral & Valuable Commission Opportunity

Coaching is a referral based business. Thanks to all the great referrals I have received enables me to continue to build my coaching business. The Million Dollar Coaching Company was a vision that has become a reality and referrals are one of the few direct ways to achieve greater business results. One of the ways the Million Dollar Coaching Company’s business is built is through referrals – The  valued support that we have received along the development process has been incredible and we always appreciate extra thoughtful support.

The best way to support our mission is to provide referrals to your friends, family, and co-workers that would benefit from the coaching process.  The ideal client is someone who is looking to invest in their development, motivated to achieve greater results, open to direct constructive feedback, looking for direct solutions, ready to learn new valuable concepts, values the multiplicity of relationships, and is dedicated to reaching their full potential.

Our coaching solution services provides new innovative perspectives that enhance overall production and self-efficacy, enhances focus on what matters, and helps identify the unnecessary concerns that do not deserve explicit attention.  We co-develop techniques to be more structured and more proficient, help unravel the complexities of all situations, and provide clarity which enables our clients to save valuable time, energy, and become more efficient.

Our focus is on the workplace in regards to career development and leadership solutions. We also provide life coaching for those that want the coaching process done outside of the work environment.

The necessary qualifications for our clients is for them to be motivated to be the leader of their life, and have a burning desire to be their best.

If this person is you or someone who you know, we would appreciate your approval and recommendation. Provide our connection and the potential client will receive a complimentary breakthrough session to explore the possibility of a coaching relationship.

To motivate you to take action other than wanting to support us while providing a great service to a friend – we are offering a 10% commission fee to the person who recommends potential clients who sign-up for service with the Million Dollar Coaching Company. The 10% commission will be paid to the recommenders each and every time a purchase is made by the refered client. This could be an unlimited income stream because some clients maintain the coaching relationship throughout their life.

Income Potential Examples

1 hour coaching $199 = $19.90 : 1 month career coaching package $599 = $59.90 : 6-12 Month Leadership Coaching Package 10% of salary ($225,000) = $22,500 – Commission = $2,500

* These are examples and we will provide a contract to ensure that the recommenders will receive their due commission.

Contact: Keith Lawrence Miller  –  for more information | 855-MyProCoach (855-697-7626) | Skype: 718-717-2820

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