There is Always a Solution

When all hope is lost there is still a solution.

There is never an end, but there is always a new beginning.

Are you willing to acknowledge alternatives and encounter the pain involved to travel the less traveled path?

Change is inevitable and accepting change is more difficult than change itself.

Identifying the solution is harder than proceeding.

The more opposition to change, the more pain involved in the process.

Accepting change provides satisfaction.

Let me leave you with a few chosen thoughts:

  1. If there is a will, there is a way.
  2. Nothing is impossible.
  3. It seems harder than it really is.
  4. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
  5. Figuring out what to do is the hard part, doing it is the easy part.

The world is full of endless possibilities – riches to those that search and find the possibilities that are right for them.

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Coaching for Creating a Competitive Advantage over the Competition

The competition is comfortable with certain success levels and creates beliefs that every connecting variable will remain in a predictable specific state once they achieve their goals. They create false beliefs that the world has become stagnated and their current situation will remain stable. They choose to ignore the fact that multiple variables which affect stability are constantly changing and their security will eventually be challenged. A skilled coach defends their client against creating false beliefs and challenges executive thinking to become aware and prepared for unseen variables. Adapting in advance for future challenges creates a competitive advantage over the completion.

The strongest leadership quality is having or developing an accurate vision of what future challenges will consist of and communicating this vision effectively to the team in order for everyone to take proactive action for positively increased results. Maximizing your strongest ability is your competitive advantage and leveraging a professional coach to identify weaknesses and co-develop strategies to enhance innate strengths is optimal for continued success. Creating awareness of external variables is a specific skill that talented coaches possess and aid the greatest leaders to make world-changing decisions. Coaches are the unsung heroes behind the scenes of leadership that provide a competitive advantage for our greatest leaders.

Access to and support from a skilled coach is paramount for having a competitive advantage. The qualities of a certified coach that support leadership include being: empathetic, non-judgmental, holding accountability, challenging assumptions, actively listening, acknowledging, being a confidante, possessing a high level of intellect, trustworthiness, being knowledgeable, and being single-mindedly focused on client success. Innate skills of talented coaches are: having a superior will to succeed, identifying the positives, creating strategies to compartmentalize negatives, focusing on task, understanding situations and the variables that affect them, empathizing with the client’s perspective, expertly guiding the client to acknowledge their blind spots, and positively supporting client development through acknowledging achievements.

Our parents were our first true coaches and they bask in our successes. They supported us from behind the scenes and provided timely advice that aided our successes. They take great pride in seeing us achieve. We all would like to relive those days when our parents provided that bit of advice or support that helped us realize our purpose. A great coach knows how to fill the void that we all experience. The special innate abilities combined with the trained coaching qualities are the foundation for a competitive advantage over the competition. Our greatest leaders had great coaches that supported their development behind the scenes and we all need a superior support system to outwit and overcome the daunting obstacles that life projects in our direction.

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Strategy Framework for Leadership Coaching

The phrase “strategy” has been marginalized since its inception, but the ever evolving business environment increasingly benefits from quality strategy which could be the difference between success and organizational failure.

Leadership is the life blood of all organizations and a strategy to maintain a consistent leadership base of seven years is optimal for success.  Leadership teams need to selectively abandon past processes and replace areas of need with new creations that power future production. Leadership teams need to have a constantly evolving five-year plan because the external landscape is constantly changing and is difficult to predict.

Strategy needs to consistently evolve because it possesses a half-life from the moment of implementation. Additional limits to strategy include imitation and commoditization which reduces value and effectiveness.

The future is rapidly changing and the yearly complexities of business are constantly morphing through ever-expanding world crisis.  Growth is associated with complexities and globalization has increased expectations to levels that are unmanageable without proper strategy and leadership.

Tomorrow’s dilemma will make today look and feel like the 1850s.

What is your strategy?

The Million Dollar Coaching Company has recently joined forces with other highly skilled professional coaches as part of the Columbia University Career Coaching Network that provides elite level career coaching for Columbia University Alumni. The Million Dollar Coaching Company provides professional coaching for executives, mid-level managers, potential employees, and leaders from small, mid-sized, and fortune 1000 companies. They have a variety of products to support learning in the workplace, resume development for an improved first impression, and professional assessments to determine unknown levels of competence and esoteric skills. For additional information, visit:

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We Are All Leaders

We are all leaders. Leadership is about influence. Leadership begins with the self and a valuable component of strong leadership is love. We specialize in leading ourselves and make choices to positively influence our present and future. To love anyone else we need to start with loving ourselves and to lead anyone else we need to begin by leading ourselves.

This challenge is bigger than first perceived and many people fail to make it past the starting gate because of initial poor choices that lead to social debt. Playing catch up mode in life prevents compounding growth of success from happening, but success is not unreachable if we start pushing the 200 ton bus today.  The goal is to have something to show for life when it is all said and done.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is an important theory that outlines the progression of successful development. Briefly, we need basic needs such as food and water, and will strive to satisfy these needs at any cost.  Poverty creates violence and we would all become animalistic if cast to the lower level of the hierarchy.  Safety needs are next followed by the need to be liked by others or some would call it the need for love.  This is the level most of us attempt to fulfill and fall short because of choices or faulty intentions.

Strong leadership ability depends on satisfying this need and this need is fulfilled initially by loving ourselves. The following two levels are where history takes place and greatness is achieved. The need to be respected by others and the need to be accomplished are the fuel of higher level goals.  When Rocky reaches the top step we all feel his energy and identify with his determination because it is human nature to want to reach that top step. Leadership starts within us and providing others with positive influence is a priceless gift that transfers throughout generations.

The Million Dollar Coaching Company has recently joined forces with other highly skilled professional coaches as part of the Columbia University Career Coaching Network that provides elite level career coaching for Columbia University Alumni. The Million Dollar Coaching Company provides professional coaching for executives, mid-level managers, potential employees, and leaders from small, mid-sized, and fortune 1000 companies. They have a variety of products to support learning in the workplace, resume development for an improved first impression, and professional assessments to determine unknown levels of competence and esoteric skills. For additional information, visit:

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Becoming a Coaching Client (Coachee)

The needed mindset of a successful coachee relies on 5 factors:

1. Openness to new experience.

2. Commitment to self-work.

3. Deep thinking for resolution.

4. Ability to deal with moments of discomfort.

5. A strong motivation to become more successful.

Becoming a first time coaching client is a new experience that from a distance can be intimidating and seem to be an uncomfortable venture that is less than desirable.

The coaching experience is quite the opposite and clients who have taken this venture usually retain a coach to assist their development concerning multiple issues throughout life.

The coaching engagement begins with a consultation between coach and potential client to understand situations, concerns, desires, goals, and to answer specific questions. Furthermore, the ground rules (i.e. meeting times, confidentiality, etc.) for the coaching engagement are discussed and agreed upon.

Following the initial consultation, a customized engagement is created for each individual coaching client with a focus on actionable goals, strategy creation, and actualizing achievement.

Not all coaching is created equal and finding the ideal coach who fits with your mission and life values is essential for enhanced overall success.

The coach-coachee relationship is a partnership that has a joint agreement to reach desired outcomes or goals. The coachee is required to commit to the hard work needed to implement and sustain positive change in life.

The coachee controls the information within the coaching relationship and the coach drives the pace and directional focus which is in the best interest of the coachee.

Trust and confidentiality is achieved and maintained by the coach throughout the engagement to enable the coachee to obtain a deeper understand of self, situation, and process that limit or enhance performance.

Coaching is about raising awareness and maximizing strengths within situations that maximize results and overall satisfaction. Avoiding problems and acknowledging behaviors are silent or lesser known enhancements that provide substantial benefits in most future situations.

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Modern American Worker

Interesting infographic breaking down the data concerning the modern american worker in areas of popular jobs, top jobs, household income, wages, and expenses.



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Change Crisis: The End of the Pension Era

Change Crisis: The End of the Pension Era

Peter Drucker warned General Motors (GM) about inherent dangers associated with their business model and GM Leadership refused to listen.

Peter Drucker was shunned and despised for proposing such a condescending view.

His foresight was disregarded because GM was in all regards, a Corporate Super-Power.

We all know what happened to GM and history caught up with Peter Drucker to finally acknowledge his brilliance.

We are currently as of January 14th 2012 in a change crisis and if proper action is not taken then a similar disaster will occur for each and every one of us.

Analogy: A frog leaps out of boiling water it is put in (makes a decision for survival when presented with an immediate crisis).

A frog sits in the warm water as it slowly boils and kills the frog – The frog never leaps out because it never seen the danger coming until it was too late (complacency).

We are in a state of complacency and some of us are aware enough to take action before it is too late.

Recent News: Hostess filed bankruptcy!!!


Hostess has no business filing for bankruptcy – They have a time tested brandGreat products, and a solid business modelOr do they?

The reason for the bankruptcy is they cannot afford the pensions of their retired workers!!!

What? Hostess cannot afford pensions? Neither could GM!!

The future is clear in regards to pensions – Companies, even the best (i.e. Coke, IBM), cannot afford pensions.

Companies with a business model that attracts billions in profits will not be able to afford pensions and neither will any State or Government agency.


Invest a small amount of your monthly pay in a 401k or IRA where the focus is on a growth Mutual Fund (for inexperienced investors) to get started.

If you didn’t start already – You need to start NOW.

Which frog are you?

How will your history be defined?

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Overcoming Adversity (2 of 2)

Overcoming Adversity: (Part 2 of 2)


(I know you’re in suspense!)

Part 1 offered this thought: People don’t live up to their potential because they are told they can’t!

How do we overcome this negativity?

The power of success is within us and we have to understand that we all face adversity regardless of where we come from which is why adversity is a natural occurrence.

1.     Self discipline: develop a mental attitude that controls emotions, sexuality, eating; control what you say by thinking before you speak and focus your mind on positive actions to gain mental peace.

2.    Acquire a pleasing personality that improves your likeability factor.

Personality is within your control and causes people to like or dislike us.

Personality can be controlled through your reactions, direction of your enthusiasm, and through self discipline.

Let other people speak instead of leading the conversation (Listen) and be careful of the sarcasm that is used during conversation because it can trigger negativity in your audience.

Hint from Napoleon Hill:

  • Finding fault with the world at large is not pleasing to others and indifference when others are speaking is resented
  • Don’t flatter where it is not deserved because it comes off as insincere and you lose trust
  • Don’t talk about your problems

3.    Most of all: Uncompromising faith in seeing your success out till the end.

Being able to see something where there is nothing is what makes the average great.

Defeat is life’s test to you.

Get rid of all doubts and you will get as far as the amount of faith you have in succeeding.

4.    Always exceed expectations!

5.    Lastly, form an alliance with a trusted co-partner whether your Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Wife, Husband.

As long as you have full trust and clear communication your togetherness will provide a compounding of success.

This will get you past your limit and get you to the next level.

I have faith that you will embrace your struggles and choose not to take the line of least resistance.

Keith Lawrence Miller | The Elite Coach | The Million Dollar Coaching Company | | (855) My-Pro-Coach

Leadership Dilemma: The American Leadership Paradox

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Leadership Dilemma: The American Leadership Paradox

As coaches, we aim to support the development of our clients to meet strategic goals and to enhance overall quality of life.  Coaching and Leadership intersect – In the organizational sense; Associates want value from their leaders, and desire to develop a co-relationship focused on achieving success.  The current zeitgeist of Leadership is trending towards acquiring specific skills that is possessed by the coaching industry.  As potential change agents, coaches must ask powerful questions about the psychological dynamics of our society at large.

•Are we at war with ourselves?

•Why are large bureaucratic organizations slow to act?

•How do we understand the complexities of the struggle?

Society demands a powerful altruistic Leader that makes quick decisions that benefit everyone while simultaneously providing security.  However, America is a nation of individualists who strive to be the Leader, and are ashamed to be categorized in the role of follower.  Simply, American culture frowns upon the follower and the omnipotent Leader is exaggeratedly admired.

•Who do you want to be?

The Leader of course! Well, the problem is that Leaders need followers.  If everyone is the Leader and no-one follows, then there is a Leadership dilemma called The American Leadership Paradox.

1. Society wants community and togetherness, but explicitly yearns for a capitalist society with individualist freedom.

2. Society values family, but relishes in the rebel persona.

3. American culture is a paradox that attempts to indulge within both ends of the spectrum.

Leaders are unable to lead because society chooses to scoff at instead of follow.  Cognitive dissonance is displayed towards Leaders, and society at large believes they are capable of producing better results.  Trust and integrity have been squandered by previous leaders which disables pre-determined respect for future Leaders.

The Nature/Nurture debate – Is it inborn or due to the situation?  Current research has determined the debate to be estimated at a 50/50 split.

If there are wonderful Leaders and the situation is not conducive to leading, then the cold-hard truth is – Leaders will fail 50% of the time regardless of inborn or learned ability. Current Leadership is failing at an astounding rate (over 70%). What constitutes leadership failure? Short answer: Not meeting goals.

•How do we survive in a Leaderless society if our models in family, business, politics, education, and more, require a Leader who has power that is admired and followed?

•Can we all be leaders without followers or is there another solution?

Currently, the common consensus is that: our Leaders are unethical, self-centered, and ruining our economy!  Americans, don’t trust the government, don’t trust commercials, and in fact, place little faith on anything.  Why?  Is it because Americans are horrible people, or is it because our system is coming to a breaking point? I argue for the latter.

•Why do we tolerate unethical leadership?

•Why do some leaders act unethically?

Our individualist system funneled these leaders to the pinnacle because they are the best players of the game our society has produced.  They are tolerated because, if they are great Leaders, elitist, and are flawed, then the individual perception interprets an ego-boost which sends the individual’s self-esteem sky rocketing.  The ego-imagination covets the positive regard of a Leader, and an unethical Leader with praise is lesser qualified for the role of Leader than the self.  The American Leadership Paradox!

•How do we fix the Paradox?

Fixing or modifying any paradox is a mission within a mission, which might never be accomplished, and is why venturing out on this journey is more than challenging.  Albeit while complex, well worth the strategic effort because Leadership is an integral part of a successful society.

Professional Leadership Coaching:

Enhancing self-awareness of cultural factors and aiding in understanding the application of value-based Leadership. Utilizing expert coaching tools to raise awareness and move Leaders through blinding dimensions. As coaches, we could participate in curbing and overcoming the deterioration of the aforementioned: American Leadership.  We cannot be concerned with the system and concentration of choosing Leaders, but rather, concentrate on the coaching role in development which is integral to Leadership success. This article challenges all qualified coaches to understand the dynamics of Leadership and contribute to supporting the evolution & success of the Leadership dimension.

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