The Future of Leadership

According to Abraham Maslow, Peter Drucker’s management principles accurately apply to the leaders who have evolved and are at the top of human development. These leaders have met all of their requirements in life and their needs are fulfilled. The strategies purported by Peter Drucker neatly fit the lifestyle of the prototypical leader.

Applying Peter Drucker’s principles to leadership is an effective way to operate with efficiency and success. However, these tactics are only effective for a small minority of leaders.

Today, leadership is not based on old-school principles of preformatted industry giants with similar executive knowhow who replace each other with symmetry. Rather, the leadership role has embraced different styles and types of individuals that compliment the change in society at large. Tomorrow’s leadership will continue to diversify and change in lockstep with the ever adapting economy. The knowledge economy has shifted responsibilities of leadership to a new breed of self-starters and entrepreneurs who do not possess the skills required from a leader who fits into Peter Drucker’s leadership principles.

Employees are more informed, consumers are more informed, the media keeps leaders honest, and the distance between yesterday and today is vast. Differentiated leaders will be the norm, and differentiation will be the requirement for continued economic success. The leadership dynamics have changed in some places, and will change in most places in the near future.

Leadership is not an isolated position as it once was, but rather, an all-inclusive “lead from the center” task that requires more interpersonal sophistication and greater self-awareness than ever before.

The landscape of leadership is not a “one size fits all” equation and all the gimmicks such as the top five qualities list will not suffice for enhanced effective leadership. Rather, leadership is simpler than it may appear. Leadership is at times scripted because people are still sensitive, but the old playbook has evolved into a more advanced scheme.

The power distance has decreased which has exposed the leadership position to increased scrutiny. The generational gap once highly guarded at the leadership position has been removed and the unassuming are taking the leadership reins. These young guns are not the prototypical leader of the past. They have to fill the leadership role with effectiveness in order for success because the leadership position is a critical component to the operations of the business.

The younger leader has to meet the leadership demand with attentiveness and ingenuity that requires a set of prior needs to be met that comes with experience. The time has not been amassed to produce the life satisfaction needed to bring desired competence to the leadership position. Regardless, the leadership task needs to be met and alternative methods need to be addressed to compensate for the lack of life experience. These are weaknesses that need to be developed into competence and designed strengths need to be maximized and leveraged to achieve leadership success.

Implementing techniques to facilitate the learning sequence using a shortcut method is the ideal approach for today’s young leader. A bold prediction follows: The leaders of today will surpass the leaders of yesterday because there are more weapons available for development, there is more openness for accepting failure, and the leadership role has expanded to include those from any race, creed, or color. The talent that is allowed to develop today is far and wide. The internal competition will fuel results and the inclusion will empower the once excluded into our super leaders of the future.

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Change Crisis: The End of the Pension Era

Change Crisis: The End of the Pension Era

Peter Drucker warned General Motors (GM) about inherent dangers associated with their business model and GM Leadership refused to listen.

Peter Drucker was shunned and despised for proposing such a condescending view.

His foresight was disregarded because GM was in all regards, a Corporate Super-Power.

We all know what happened to GM and history caught up with Peter Drucker to finally acknowledge his brilliance.

We are currently as of January 14th 2012 in a change crisis and if proper action is not taken then a similar disaster will occur for each and every one of us.

Analogy: A frog leaps out of boiling water it is put in (makes a decision for survival when presented with an immediate crisis).

A frog sits in the warm water as it slowly boils and kills the frog – The frog never leaps out because it never seen the danger coming until it was too late (complacency).

We are in a state of complacency and some of us are aware enough to take action before it is too late.

Recent News: Hostess filed bankruptcy!!!


Hostess has no business filing for bankruptcy – They have a time tested brandGreat products, and a solid business modelOr do they?

The reason for the bankruptcy is they cannot afford the pensions of their retired workers!!!

What? Hostess cannot afford pensions? Neither could GM!!

The future is clear in regards to pensions – Companies, even the best (i.e. Coke, IBM), cannot afford pensions.

Companies with a business model that attracts billions in profits will not be able to afford pensions and neither will any State or Government agency.


Invest a small amount of your monthly pay in a 401k or IRA where the focus is on a growth Mutual Fund (for inexperienced investors) to get started.

If you didn’t start already – You need to start NOW.

Which frog are you?

How will your history be defined?

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